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Instead of trying to talk to customer support (because I can imagine how it will go) I'm hoping someone here will give me a good idea of what is possible.

My partner has a long term expiry plan ending on the 1st (Account A) and I have just started a long term expiry plan (Account B). Apparently they can gift 50% of there data excluding rolled over data. So if they gift 50% of their original data before the 1st, can I use that data to the end of next year when my plan expires?

Basically when you gift data does it forget the expiry period of the account the data originated from (Account A) and conform to the expiry period of the data already on account it has been transferred to (Account B).

Looking at the critical information it sounds like it would expire next year, because it even says it will roll over like the original data on the plan of Account B.

"Data Gifting: Up to 50% of Included Data per recharge can be gifted
to another active plan with Data Gifting feature in 1GB increment.
Data, once gifted, cannot be re-gifted to any other plan. Gifted data
will be utilised before Included Data and will rollover if you recharge
on the same Long Expiry plan before expiry."

Hope I'm making myself clear enough.

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    Your understanding is correct. In addition, gifted data in the data bank can not be gifted out again. All data will be forfeited once the plan expires, ie not recharge to renew.

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