Free Year of Disney+ with Salesforce Dreamforce Deal

This deal was removed from Ozbargain because it was listed as "US only".

I signed up to the deal anyway and selected that I was in USA. I watched one video during their event and today I got an email saying I can redeem a year of Disney+.

Did anyone else do this?

I am wondering if at any point they will check IP address or do any validation to ensure users are in USA. Or maybe they don't validate it at all.

Of which, using a VPN or virtual machine at some point to get the account going could be viable. So far I already filled out the form and it says "Thank you!
The magic of Disney+ is coming to you soon." and says I will receive a link with details on 5th October to complete Disney+ registration.

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  • Link?

  • +4

    Yeah im going to need more information for this.

  • In my opinion, use a VPN until you are on the Disney+ sign up page.

    you must follow the instructions in the e-mail, including the submission of a redemption form through which you will confirm your eligibility and agree to Salesforce terms and conditions. Must redeem your code by October 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM PT. Current subscribers to Disney+, Salesforce employees, and employees and officials of government entities are ineligible. Must be 18 or older and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to participate.

    confirm your eligibility

    Could be wrong but I'd assume this means:

    • US IP
    • US Phone number

    Don't see why they'd need a US address

  • Forget about your IP address and other stuff mate. The Key thing they check is the FACT that your Credit Card is from a US issued bank if not it will tell you to signup in AUS. And the Promo code is only available in USA therefore no fun

    • Dreamforce have sent me a link for 12 months free Disney+, however when I attempt to sign up and enter my payment details, Disney refuses both my AUS issued debit card as well as my PayPal account. Any ideas on a workaround?

  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    I had to use a US IP address and US credit card to get through it but luckily it worked. Now I can access from Australian devices like normal.

    I don't think ozbargain should have deleted this deal but good thing I saw it before mods deleted it.

    To the OP of that thread, which I cannot find any longer, thank you kind sir. You made my day.

    • How did you organise a us credit card?

      • Asked a friend who has a US card.