2021 - Best Credit Card to Hold (Non-Churning)

Hi all,

I am looking for a credit card to hold on and not churn on, what cards are good to hold on?
Preferably one with
1. No international transaction fees
2. Purchase extended insurance (unsure if this is actually worth it) ( was planning to put purchases on this such as laptop, phones in the near future)

[might not prefer 28degrees as it does not have much insurance on its new cardholders]

Advise much appreciated.


Poll Options Sun, 31/10/2021 - 00:00

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    Coles Rewards Mastercard
  • 7
    28 degrees
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    Others ...specify in comment
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    CBA Low Fee Credit Card


  • would suggest get something for int'l purchase given it's not that much compare to your domestic spending. (such as 86400 debit card)

    If you didn't took the citibank fee free bandwagon, CBA is probably your best chance getting annual fee waived + earn points from your day to day spendings

    • Wasn’t this Citibank fee free card ages ago ?

      • +1

        yes like good 4-5 years ago I think, under 'family and friend' deal

        haven't seen any good reward fee free card, usually top tier card named as black card or something, for many years since as large banks focused on home loan package product incl. credit card.
        so in their perspective handing out annual fee free card won't make much business case I guess.

        Until the latest commbank product with conditional fee waiver.

  • I use the Coles Rewards Mastercard and it's good. Basically 2 flybuys per $1 on almost everything.

    • Yeah was contemplating on that. Not so sure if they did do a new promo or change their product now NAB bought over citibank

      • Shame as this ends today. Perhaps looking at the ANZ cards as they can tie in with Cashrewards Max for instore cashback and increased cashback offers.

        • Urgh , hope there is a better deal tomorrow :D hahahha

          ANz travel rewards was actually a good card to me till they got rid of virgin free flight (due to covid ) but yeah :(

          Hmmm idk if anz other offerings are any good or not might have to check it out.

  • +1

    I'd personally recommend below:

    AMEX Essential - $0 annual fee and still get reward points. Yes it's only 1.25 pt per $ but better than nothing compared to other $0 fee cards that doesn't have any reward.

    Bankwest zero plat - $0 annual fee and $0 foreign transaction fee.

    Reason for recommending two is you use AMEX as your daily driver for everyday purchase such as grocery, telco, util, etc and use bankwest when amex is not accepted or buying something foreign currency.