Which Shop to Buy Xiaomi E-Scooter (Pro 2)


I'm looking to buy the Xiaomi e-scooter Pro 2, and from the list of stores listed on Xiaomi site (https://www.mi-store.com.au/where-to-buy), the following site/shop said that they have stock and price is reasonable:
- Panmi
- PCByte
- Gearbite

My main concern is about making warranty claim when there is issue with the scooter. I would like to hear everyone's opinion/experience about which company more like to provide the best warranty claim service?



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    Make sure you check if they are legal to ride in your area. They're illegal in most places in Australia, especially with 600W.

  • If you're worried about warranty buy from somewhere like JB Hi Fi that has physical stores.

    • Xiaomi has physical stores in Australia.

      • That would be an example of what I said then

      • Do they have one in Melbourne/VIC? Why there is no information about their physical stores on their website?

        Their warranty claim process is taken care of by Panmi, and client have to pay for the return of the item to 'purchase point'. https://www.mi-store.com.au/warranty

    • Those 3 shops with physical stores (JBHifi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks) don't have stocks for normal Pro 2

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    JBHIFI, 100%

    I had my Ninebot Max’s accelerator or something stop working in the last month of its warranty, brought it back in the middle of lockdown and had a brand new replacement within the hour. Fantastic customer service, and if you can price match or use their discounted gift cards from AGL Rewards or anywhere else, you could get a decent deal.

    • They don't sell the normal pro 2