Recommendation on Delivery Service for Builiding Material Listed on Gumtree

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for recommendation on Delivery Service for Building Material Listed on Gumtree.

The contexts:
Basically there are building materials such as tiles, bricks, pavers that I am looking for as part of my reno.
As the quantity too much to fit into a standard vehicle, I am in need of a delivery service to pick up the item from location, potential pay the seller and deliver the item to my address.

Just wondering which company people have used and recommend. I did search the forums here, but couldn't find any info.

Obviously google has a number of delivery and logistic services but not sure which company to chose without knowing if someone has used them before and can recommend them.

For example, I see people offering a full pallet of bricks on gumtree. However difficult to pick up myself without spending half the day loading and unloading.

item is located in Sydney and going to another Sydney suburb about 30km apart.


  • Airtasker.

    • Thanks ihbh. I will have a look at airtasker for delivery service. I have used it previously for roofing and has been a hit and miss depending on how complicated the job is.

  • +2

    Trailer plus petrol plus time is about as free as you will get
    Paying someone to move them will add up quickly
    30km with a tonne or two of bricks is a long way

    • Thanks Nugs. I was thinking of hiring a truck from budget that you can drive with a car licence. However @150 per day, I thought it maybe easier to hire a removalist/delivery driver.

      I will checkout my local bunnings for trailer hire.

      • Might pay to buy a trailer if the Reno will take a while
        Buy second hand and sell when done

  • Go to Bunnings and hire their ute, it is like $70 for 1 day 100km.

  • +1

    Buy a trailer and sell it when you are done.

    Airtasker might get you someone dumb enough to do it cheap, but suspect most will have a fairly high price for heavy items from private properties as there are lot of unknowns. Picking up a pallet of bricks from some random on gumtree could mean no parking nearby, not stacked and tied properly, difficult access etc.

    You want to save, you need to do the work yourself.