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Four Renewals of amaysim 10GB/28 Days Mobile Plan $6.97 (+15% Cashback via Cashrewards) @ Groupon


Price has just dropped even cheaper than the last deal :)

Comes with an Extra 15% Cashback via Cashrewards - $5.93 after cashback.

  • Get 10GB every 28 days for 4 x 28 days (6GB/28 days ongoing)
  • Unlimited standard calls, texts and voicemails in Australia
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Keep your existing mobile number or get a new one
  • BYO phone
  • All amaysim plans are powered by Optus 4G Plus network
  • Price includes free standard delivery of SIM card
  • Note, this promotion cannot be used on an existing Amaysim mobile service
  • Redeem before: 17 Oct 2021
  • SIM plan must be activated before 31 Oct 2021

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +1

    Can you use it 4 times on the same number?

    (If the expiry was longer)

    • I bought it last deal and didn't realise this 😔.

      So what are people doing with the other 3 recharges?

      • If it was me, I would activate the numbers and get all the free first sign up promotions!

        That should get your money back

      • +1

        Not sure what you guys are saying, but $6.97 covers your first 4x recharges (4x 28, or 112 days). You buy the Groupon for $6.97 today, then have until 17 Oct to activate/redeem it with Amaysim.


        • The first 28 days is included/paid for in that $6.97
        • The second 28 days is included in the $6.97
        • The third… and fourth… etc - are all paid for in that $6.97

        So each 4x blocks of 28 days cost you $1.74 each. And you pay nothing more until recharge #5 which will cost $20 unless you either cancel or change to another Amaysim plan.

  • Regret.

  • +1

    No international calls?

  • +2

    On the Groupon page it says: $9.95 for Four Renewals of Amaysim 10GB/28 Days Mobile Plan (Up to $80 Value). Redeem online: https://gr.pn/3EltCAn

    However, when I go to the redeem online link, the Amaysim page is for for 6GB/28 days… So is this Groupon deal an upgraded promo version of Amaysim's current 6GB/28 day mobile plan?

    • The Groupon description says 6GB +4GB bonus.

    • +1

      After you apply the Groupon code on Amaysim website it also shows 6GB+4GB bonus

  • +3

    I believe they now allow unused data rollover on prepaid.

  • Can I add international calls?

  • Can I not pay for extra data if used all 10gb?

    • You can. From memory you can't move on to the next 10gb until the 28 days is over.

  • +3

    I got $1.04 back from cashreward so it should be $5.93

  • Damn paid the same price for the 2 gb plan 2 weeks ago

    • +3

      6 vs 4 recharges.

  • Bought it and when I tried to redeem it, it seems that it still asked for $20 payment at checkout. Is that normal? Anyone can shed some light please?

    • +2

      After you put in the voucher code, you need to click on the right arrow button to apply the code, then click checkout.

      • I see. It works now.

    • even after adding the promo code from groupon ?

      • +1

        Yes. Add the promo code, then click on the button next to the code. The amount should show as $0. Then check out.

  • $1.04 back from cashreward

  • I don’t know how this works but I bought it anyway (haven’t redeemed).

    I’m currently with amaysim, with no credit and want to keep my current number. After I redeem this the Groupon, will they/amaysim give me a recharge voucher code so I can just recharge my current SIM card?

    • Don't know if they will let you use it to recharge but I am in the same position.

      I plan on switching to Kogan for a month on their $4.90 new sign-up deal then swapping back to Amaysim on this deal at the end of October.

    • "Fine Print: Not to be used with any other offer or in conjunction with an existing amaysim service."

      So you'd have to either: a) port in another phone number that isn't already with Amaysim, or b) accept a new number upon activating/redeeming the Groupon voucher.

      So obviously if you wanted to keep a number you'd have to port out, then port back in again. But there's probably a minimum waiting period you have be ported away for before you you can port back.

  • im confused… does this groupon give you one number (new or transferred) with four renewals


    four numbers (new or transferred) with the 10GB/28 Days Mobile Plan?

    my brain is fried from seeing clients all day apparently

    • 1 number, 4 renewals.

      • okay because I just put in the same code in after activating the code for a new number and it seems to accept it….
        Is this a glitch….

  • Can I buy 2 of these on the same Groupon account? One for me and one for my partner. Can't be bothered creating another account..

    • -1

      -Use your current Cashrewards account 1 , bought one sim.
      -Cashrewards account 1 referral to Cashrewards account 2 ( both will get $20)
      -Then use Cashrewards account 2 buy the 2nd sim.

      • Minimum spend $20 to qualify bonus.

        Groupon usually allows one more purchase as gift.

  • When you go to buy it with the voucher on amasim website and want to transfer the number accross, it says it takes 3 hours to 3 days. Are they going to do that now? I just want them to send me my sim so I can activate it when I am ready.

    • There's two steps: the purchase of the Groupon voucher, then later the redemption of the voucher. You won't be ported just for buying the Groupon voucher. You only get ported after clicking the Groupon link to port/redeem the Groupon voucher and sign up at Amaysim. Which also means Amaysim won't mail the SIM card to you until after you redeem the Groupon voucher. They don't mail the SIM until you port because it arrives pre-activated, and they can't pre-activate it without you first porting because they don't know your phone number. (If you take a new number this isn't a problem.)

      Later when the SIM arrives in the mail, you insert it into the phone for the first time, and the first day of your plan resets to that day. Soon after inserting the SIM for the first time Amaysim sends an SMS to confirm the reset. So if you don't receive that SMS contact them and they will reset it manually to make that your first day.

      • +2

        Lots of info, but not correct. Pre-activated SIM only for new number, which is not recommended in my view.

        Ported number SIM can be activated after you receive it and a new number is still an option. You can start porting before receiving the SIM, but there is no point as it might be lost in transit.

        In other words, even if you want a new number, just set a random number to be ported but change to a new number after you receive the SIM.

  • I am only getting $9.95 but not $6.97. Is the price gone up?

    • Promo code expired. Wait for a new one.

  • I activated my sim today and in ‘manage your plan’ it tells me I only have 2 renewal left instead of 3. Anyone else with this issue?

  • +1

    The have a 30% off code: WEEKEND. Using this code, this is reduced to $6.97.

    • WEEKEND code is upto 30% discount. I just bought it using this code and got a 20% discount…paid 7.97. plus cash rewards. Still a good deal

      Still shows pending on my Groupon though.

  • so i just active the sim. Do I turn off auto renew? or wait until im on my 4th period?

    bit confused