Matt Look Tiles Get Very Dirty

Hey guys.

We renovated our house last year and being amateurs, we put in these tiles in our wet areas but now regret them:

The problem we have is that they are a matt finish and seem very porous which means any dirt gets trapped in them very easily.
This is the look we were going for, but didn't realise just how hard to clean they would be. They always look dirty!

I was talking to a tradie a few months back who mentioned you can buy a sealer that prevents them from getting dirty but not sure exactly what this product is.
I was also going to try and get a professional tile cleaner company in and see if they can clean them.

Has anyone had any experience with dealing with this problem?



  • It's the worn in look?

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    Unglazed porcelain tiles need a sealer, I feel like the tile shop probably should have told you. This stuff is good, you can pay for someone to do it or try it yourself.

  • They've got tile seal in Bunnings if I recall.

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    Need to make sure they are spotless before you seal them as otherwise the sealer will trap the dirt inside the tiles.

  • Wet dog foot prints are the worst. The stand out like dogs 🏀s.

    Pro tile cleaners with high pressure water system can bring them up new. Then get them sealed.

    I hope you didn't pay $99psm. Ouch

    • Thanks, will make some calls.
      They had a spend and save so we got them for about $75.
      Although we now realise that there are plenty of other places out there than national tiles and wish we didn't get them.

      Further to that, we anticipated we would do the same tiles in our bathroom which is the last room to renovate, so we bought enough to do the floor (about $500 worth) to take advantage of the sale.
      We are now hesitant to use them as we don't like how easy they stain!

  • Porous tiles are the worst. I had them in my old apartment in the bathroom and wintergarden. They were ever only clean on the day I cleaned them!
    I got sick of getting on my hands and knees to scrub them, so got a pressure sprayer to do the job instead!

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      Are we talking like a gurney that you'd wash the car with? Not keen on using one of those inside.

      • That's exactly what I'm talking about. Definitely shouldn't use it inside the house! The bathroom and wintergarden had it's own drainage, so was okay with water.

        You could try one of those cleaning machines with rotating brushes, like this >>

      • Agreed, the pressure washer also washed away the grout. Been there, done that.

        I would love a wet scrubber, brusher, dryer like this one day though:

        Also, it does look like the tiles you chose need to be sealed as common practice "Porous tiles should be sealed prior to grouting (ideally prior to installation), again after the grout is fully cured and then reapplied as required. Sealing the tiles prior to setting them is the most ideal time. This will protect the tile from mortar staining if some gets on the face unexpectedly"

      • The professionals use a spinning pressure washer that is contained under a metal cover and sucks away the water as quickly as it dispensed. The results are really good. No issues with grout being broken either.

        Exhibit A

  • As above, have them sealed