Does Afterpay Set up an Automatic Debit?

If you enter in a credit card on the payment section of the Aterpay app, does it automatically set up auto debit for payments on the day they are due? Or do you have to turn that on somewhere?


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    its auto.

    • That is great that you don't have to go in and pay it on the day it was due. That was the major complaint when it first arrived on the scene no?

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    I'm a new user myself (such that I'm still on a $600 limit), and have put through a small number of transactions in recent eBay sales. I set mine up with Apple Pay, and one of the initial payments failed on mine…most likely due to me switching phones around that time. Still, that prompted me to start paying manually whenever I got the notice of a pending payment (a few days before it is due).

    Auto should work fine though, and the small number of purchases I made seem to have been set up automagically with details used on the first payment.

    • Thanks. Was wondering if I need to give it authority to debit my card. But sounds like once you enter it in the app you are by default giving them authority to debit on the due date.

      What happened when you were late? Were you charged a late fee?

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        They sent me an e-mail to say the payment hadn't worked, so fortunately I was able to get in and fix it on the same day.

        Once you've purchased you can drill into each order and see the due payments (and can also see where it's set up to come from). You can also click on the schedule tab to see the upcoming payment schedule.

        It's not a bad interface actually…fairly intuitive and not unnecessarily complicated. I'd probably like a description field on the payment schedule page so that I could see what each payment is for at a glance rather than have to drill down into 'order' details.