Which Knockoff Cereal Brands That Actually Pass The Taste/Texture Test?

Thought this would be a good thread for those looking for alternative cereal options that aren't as expensive as the brand name options. As well as those that don't.

I'll start: I think the Aldi knockoff Weet-Bix clones are very good, but the Coles ones don't really pass the test (more of a flaky texture and a different taste)


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    Aldi powergrain (Nutri-Grain) is better than the real deal. A bit more malty.

    Aldi balance right (just right) is just as good as the real deal.

    Aldi corn flakes are not as good as the real deal.

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    Colesworth/Aldi Quick Oats, just as tasty as the name brands that come in expensive sachets but at a fraction of the price.

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      you only buys Uncle Toby's oats when its on sale

  • There are certain things I wont buy other than original brand but the notable exceptions are
    - Aldi wheat-biscuits are good

    non cereal
    - Aldi baked beans
    - Aldi spaghetti
    - Aldi mettwhurst
    are also my favorites

  • Woolies Rainbow Rings and pretty much most knock off Froot Loops are amazing.

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    Aldi version of crunchy nut cornflakes are good, as are their Choco Rice (coco pops knock off).

  • Woolies honey puffs
    Aus made too

  • I reckon the Aldi granola Pecan & maple is good. As is the Cranberry & Almond.

  • Aldi rice bubbles are just as good and a hell of lot cheaper.