Swapped card at PLE, Can Receive RTX3080 LHR within a Month for $1699

Hi Everyone,

Like many people I preordered an RTX 3080 through PLE on the day of launch - so over a year ago. Checked their stock website (https://www.ple.com.au/RTX30-Buying-Information), gave them a call and swapped from the EVGA to a ZOTAC LHR, which has an ETA of October 12.

If you're also in the queue, you can swap to a different card;

($1699) ZOTAC RTX 3080 LHR Trinity (my ETA is October 12)

($1699) Gigabyte Eagle RTX 3080 LHR PLE employee told me ETA within 1-2 months:

($1459) RTX 3070ti Gigabyte Gaming OC supposed October ETA

($859) RTX 3060ti Gigabyte Eagle LHR supposed October ETA

The website specifies "you may be able to swap if within the same chipset". Try call them and see what you can do.If you don't already have a card on order, I'm not sure if you can get into the queue, but you can give it a shot.

I imagine they will put the prices up once the cards arrive. Hopefully that helps!

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    …wait…you ordered a 3080 almost one year ago and you haven't received the card yet? Did I hear it right? 😅

    • Haha yeah it's crazy. The fulfilment is still only at ~26% on the EVGA FTW3 through PLE, so I imagine there's thousands of others still in the same predicament.

      • I got mine early December in 2020, that was at 20-21% fulfillment

      • This was the card I wanted. I am glad I didn't join that queue and wait because my order would have been way after yours.

        PLE had the best prices for the most part, but there was very low confidence regarding delivery date.

  • Like many people I preordered an RTX 3080 through PLE on the day of launch - so over a year ago

    Surely nobody waits a year for parts?

    • …guilty as charged my friend.

      • Why?

        • I thought stock would get better so I could get it at the original price, but it didn't work out.

  • Hey dude, you forgot to mention the EVGA 3080Ti's $2169 XC3 Ultra and $2299 FTW3 Ultra. Supposed October ETA

  • Looks like there is movement in PLE queue.

  • Did you call them or use the online swap?

    I ordered a AROUS 3080 for 2 weeks, but I can't swap to any other 3080/3080ti with ETA in October.

    • I had to call them and they were able to swap it, I don't think you're able to do it yourself through their website.