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LG UltraGear 27GP83B-B 27" QHD NANO IPS 165hz 1ms HDR FreeSync Monitor $579 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Delivered and fulfilled by Amazon so customer service should hopefully be reliable. Enjoy!

Screen Size (Inches): 27"
Screen Resolution: 1440p QHD 2K 2560 x 1440
Resolution Simplified: 2K
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Panel Type: IPS
Screen Refresh Rate (Hz): 165Hz
Response Time (ms): 1ms
Adaptive Sync: FreeSync Premium
HDMI: 2x HDMI 2.0
DisplayPort (DP): 1x DisplayPort 1.4
VGA: None
Height Adjustable: Yes
Tilt Adjustable: Yes
Pivot Adjustable: Yes
VESA Mounting: 100 x 100

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +19

    thank you for posting but

    you heard the famous S2721DGF right?

    • What's that? I want to buy a monitor, but I really don't know which one! My budget is around 500$, what would you suggest? It's mainly for CAD, but also a bit of gaming, I found those 2 that seems interesting: Acer Nitro XZ272UP and LG 27GL83A-B
      What would you suggest?

      • +2

        He basically means $399 is the reference price for the monitors with this specs.

        • But the DGF is sold for 550$, not 399

          • +13

            @deedend: You must be new here.

            Dell frequently have sales for that model at around $399.

            • +4

              @Smifff: Yes I'm new

              • @deedend: I suggest wait for a Dell sale and you'll be happy with it ! You can also search previous sales history price in the search tab.

                • +5

                  @c1mple: The Dell 20% off eBay Store is still on
                  Monitor is available at ~$430 after coupon

              • +1

                @deedend: Definitely wait for the Dell sale, usually happens once a month, the sale popped up last week so probably have to wait another month now, but yeah those specs can be had for $400. I have two of them and they are absolutely fantastic - s2721dgf is the way to go for 1440p/ips/165hz

            • +1

              @Smifff: yh great monitor for insane price, but only drawback is the long ass shipping time. At least this monitor on Amazon has a much better delivery time

      • your computer specs? operating system? games you play?

        but overall the Dell S2721DG is a much better buy considering build quality. customer servive… and price( often go on sale for 399, search here)

        • I have a Legion 5i Pro i7 11800H with rtx 3070, Windows, mainly CAD use but also some casual gaming. The DGF is a good deal then? I might go for that, only I can't find it less than 420$ on ebay at the moment. is that the best price? Do you recommend this monitor?

          • +2

            @deedend: I recommend you to sit comfortably with your drink and wait until the next deal. (This one is still a good monitor tho.)

            Btw, maybe 4K suits you better since you use CAD and only casual gaming, 60Hz should be fine with most of the games IMO

          • +1

            @deedend: pretty powerful laptop,

            so if you want higher refresh rate, wait a deal on S2721DGF if you can, 420 is really not bad if it's from official dell channel.

            if you prefer higher resolution or want to use the monitor for current gen consoles. get a 4k monitor..

            that's why I asked what games you play. for AAA titles 4K60 could be better than 2K165…. so it really depends

            • @HD9990: I believe for my needs it would be better a 4K monitor… any suggestions on a good one ready to ship (or with decent shipment times)?

        • I wouldn't be putting down Dell as a better buy considering customer service. I mean they wont give you any hassle for returns but I certainly wouldn't highlight their customer service as a buying point.

    • Is the S2721DGF popular? I love mine. Had it for over a year and it's my daily driver.

  • Can someone please kindly recommend a 32 inch monitor that's not curved?
    Mostly for normal daily use with abit of gaming here and there.
    Budget is around $600.
    Much appreciated!

    • +4

      Gigabyte M32Q is $599

      Look for the review from hardware unboxed

      • Thanks alot for the recommendation, I think i will get it this monitor from Mwave.
        I'm also after a new PC and theres one on their website.
        Could you please have a look at it and advise if its decent enough to get? Thanks man.


        • Probably don't buy that one. It's using last-gen 3600 (still fast but why buy last-gen?). Look for a machine with 11th gen intel or 5000 series Ryzen ideally (I prefer Ryzen but pick whatever works for you).

        • @Thatsgold:

          I guess it all depends on what you are doing with the PC.

          Its really not a good time to purchase a PC atm ..

          My personal recommendations
          1. If you can wait till the new year that would be my suggestion. Let the waters calm.
          2. If you really must get one now I would suggest building one yourself. There are plenty of "how to's" on youtube and its really just like putting lego together.
          3. If you really must get one and don't feel confident putting it together yourself .. then pre built / second hand
          - Prebuilt … as the couple that are listed below are "ok". Still expensive IMO .. but this comes back to "not a good time to buy". Techfast / BPC come out with value for $$ builds.
          - Second hand .. well you will either know your stuff (research can be a rabbit hole btw) or get someone who does.

          It all comes back to the first questions … what are you planning on doing with the PC ?

        • Mwave just price matched Amazon if you haven't bought it yet

  • i am after a computer monitor with a large screen. just need screen real estate
    wondering if anyone can share experiences i have read about OLED being the nearest choice any budget TV can do this job ?

  • What's everyone's pick for an ultrawide 34in WQHD 144Hz? I've looked briefly into the Xiaomi, Kogan and AOC.

    • The Xiaomi one that pops up is a great choice when the deal comes around. Depends if you have a beefy enough graphics card to get enough frames with a large display

    • Or Dell S3422DWG posted in this deal

  • +2

    Got the very similar LG 27GP850-B monitors a few weeks ago, for those looking to justify these over the Dell screens, the LG screens come with an SRGB mode which may be important to Creators or anyone needing some level of colour accuracy online. In other news I am finding these screens quite good (they replaced Dell Ultrasharp 60hz screens).

    • The Dell monitors use LG panels anyway dont they ?

  • +1

    Does anyone know where I can buy a wide screen FHD with high refresh rate for a good price? Preferably a place that accepts change of mind returns as I want to trial to see if the widescreen works for me.


  • +2

    Price matched on Mwave if you guys want local click and collect in Lidcombe NSW

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