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Frontline Original Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs Range $21.99 Each (RRP $60) & Free Shipping @ Catch


These are normally around $60 and they're on Catch for just $21.99! Bargain. Especially because I have 3 dogs and flea/tick treatment is expensive. I thought some of you might like this.
Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large options available
FREE shipping.

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  • Any discounts on horse dewormer? Asking for a friend

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    Thanks op!

  • Do you reckon it's ok to share one dose of the Extra Large Dogs with two medium sized dogs?

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      Hmmm. I'm not sure. Sounds economical. Maybe triple check with a vet or vet nurse at your local Petbarn or PETstock. I'd hate for any adverse effects.

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      I use the extra large tubes, each divided into 6 applications for my 10kg Poodle. I caclulated the active ingredient weights, and they come out to identical with the smaller tubes. Small tubes are 6x as expensive per mg of ingredient, so it makes sense.

      Dog is happy and flea free.

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        Yep same. I've split big tubes down into several smaller syringes for my Maltese Terrier - over a years worth in a single packet.

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          Yeah, the 4 pack in this deal is worth 2 years for 21 bucks.
          Decided not to buy two packs as not sure if dog will still be around.

          • @sordidanalogy: How do you get two years out of a 4 pack?

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              @theozpilot: 6 x monthly doses per tube. 4 tubes per pack = 24 months.
              (See previous comment about using an extra large tube for a small dog.)

              • @sordidanalogy: Hi,

                May I ask how you keep/store the drug to maintain its effectiveness once the tube is open ?

                Thanks a lot.

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                  @littlepcat: I use a syringe to puncture the plastic and extract the required dose, and then seal the puncture with tape. Subsequent doses use the same puncture hole.

                  • @sordidanalogy: Sounds a very good idea. How come I didn't think of it.

                    Thank you very much.

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