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[PC] Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $44.99 @ GOG


Part of GOG’s 2021 Anniversary Party.
Good price as I have been watching this for a while. Very tempting to pull the trigger myself.

Looks like Steam has matched price.

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  • Any reason to get it on Steam rather than GOG/vice versa?

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      DRM free??

      • Anyone know if you can steam-link non-steam games?

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            @tacos4brekkie: Yea. I have that link in my post.

            I was just thinking about reasons to buy on Steam vs GOG.

            • @Elpres: I'm not sure about GOG but one thing that's good on Steam is refunds and try-before-buy. If it's not to your liking and you have less than 2 hours of playtime you can just refund, mostly no questions asked.

        • You can, just need to add it as a Non-Steam Game and it should show up in your Steam library then. The only thing is that I don't think you'll earn any achievements if you care about those. Not sure if there's a workaround for that other than to stream it to your device another way so you can play it through GOG Galaxy instead, such as with Moonlight.

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    Kind of unrelated, but this has gone down in price to $12 for PS4 at pretty much every major retailer. Runs beautifully on the Ps5 with the latest compatibility updates and have to say, what a beautiful game. Not sure how the PC port holds up though - heard good things! So keen for Forbidden West!!!

    • Is that the complete edition? With addons?

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          Nice if I had a PS4 or 5.

          • @Elpres: Always wondered how it would be like on the computer. I mostly play fps on the PC and just can't see how they would button map everything in an efficient way. Jedi Fallen order is a good example of a game that worked amazing on consoles but weird on PC - at least for me.

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              @tacos4brekkie: If I get it I’d use an Xbox controller on the PC.

            • @tacos4brekkie: I have this on PC and sometimes play with Xbox controller and other times mouse and keyboard. Aiming is as you'd expect much easier with mouse and keyboard, but yes, there's some key binding clunkiness as usual with this type of game.

              It's nowhere near as bad as say RDR2 though. I had a real hard time memorising keyboard commands in that one.

  • The game is $33.59 at CDkeys for a steam download

  • The game itself has awesome graphics which look awesome on the PS5 with the latest patch allowing for 60FPS. I'm sure it would look even better on a high end PC.

    Still, I'm finding it hard to get through the game with the sub-par voice acting and lack of emotion in any of the character's faces. Sometimes it was just downright cringe. See here for an example (don't worry, no spoilers as it is a tiny tiny side quest).

    Gameplay itself in terms of hand-to-hand combat is also terrible and clunky but the choice in projectile weaponry can be fun at times

    I'm glad it was available for free on PS Plus as personally I wouldn't have bought it. I enjoyed the TLoU series and other RPGs like Zelda but this game just wasn't great; for me anyway

    • The choice to focus on projectile-based weaponry was a great choice - loved the different arrow types to specifically combat different enemies and their weakpoints. The story and worldbuilding was what got me hooked in 'till the end. It's a completely original post-apocalypse story and despite the subpar voice acting and facial animation, I thought the game was great. About 45 hours in with a complete main quest and heaps of side quests to go.

      I also heard they're looking to expand on the melee combat in the sequel. So keen for the next instalment of the world's story.

    • For what it's worth, the expansion area - frozen something - has consistently better voice acting and cutscene animations. The base game isn't terrible, just very inconsistent, you can often tell who's a minor NPC just by the voice acting. In the expansion area even some of the minor side quests had good acting.

  • Great game but I believe I've sourced cheaper. I run it on PC on a Aorus Extreme RTX 3080. Such eye candy

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