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Licensed Hoodies (Multiple Size & Styles Available) $9 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games & Zing Pop Culture


Multiple size and styles are available while stocks last at EB Games.

Mod Note: Also available at ZiNG Pop Culture - Credits to pennypincher98

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  • +30

    I can see why a lot of them are now $9….

    • +1

      What's wrong with these? Honest question.

      • -10

        What's wrong with these?

        No zip.

        Most OzBargainers go for this…

      • +6

        Not her, but honestly these look really tacky. I think the animal crossing one is the only one that has a chance of not looking like a walking billboard. Thats my overly critical take.

        • the models are so cute

      • +8

        I dunno about the rest of people here but brand name stuff like Adidas, Nike, Nintendo, Marvel, Coke, Sony, like anything at all, I just won't wear it. I don't want to just be an advertisement. I think I've got a bit more self respect than that.

        I did try and find the animal crossing one for my missus but none near by.

        • +3

          There is a big difference wearing a Adidas/Nike logo on a product made by them compared to a gaming or movie franchise generic hoodie

          • -2

            @cdaddy: I disagree, wearing a Star Wars jumper is as lame if not more lame than a sporting brand.

            Now if you wanna literally make your own, unique thing, that's cool. I've made a few of my own, one of a kind shirts for properties.

            • @hamwhisperer: That's exactly the point i made.

              • -1

                @cdaddy: Make your own, don't just wear "Star Wars" or "Marvel" on a shirt, it's next level lame.

      • Ugly, beginning with a capital F.

  • +5

    So basically what didn't sell last time lol

    Zing link if anyone's searching for stores

  • +1

    Damn, I bought the pink Simpson’s one at $19…

    • did it fit to size?

      • Yeah, but hard to tell thanks to COVID weight. Went with an XL which I normally wear and it fits as expected, didn’t run large like a lot of eb stuff tends to

    • Did they ship you yours? They cancelled my order.

      • Yup, wearing it right now

  • +3

    Hoodies back side picture killing this deal… opps that is why it is a deal…

  • +8

    Me on one hand: GOD (profanity) DAMN IT, I bought the Eevee one the other week for 19.

    Me on other hand: they're out of stock now Dylan, it doesn't matter, you couldn't have got it for 9.

    I feel better now.

    • +3

      There there, Dylan…. There, there….

    • -1

      I ordered 4 hoodies (and 4 shirts lol)! But yeah they're all oos now tgif!

  • thanks, perfect for the next avcon convention :)

  • +6

    Suddenly, the deal becomes both noble, AND tasteful!!!

  • great hoodies for a dare game.

  • Thanks op. Picked up the ones I was unsure about when they were $19

  • +3

    only wanted the Simpsons on and says unavailable when checking out : (

  • +1

    Damn playstation one sold out!

    • See what you did there 😂

  • -2

    Scammers have expensive delivery. Charge per item and some are forced onto Startrack expensive shipping

    • They are shipped from individual stores…

    • +1

      at least you can get them delivered, they just say they can't deliver to me and none of the stores in my state have stock lol

    • Mine was free shipping.

  • This is the way~

  • Last time I ordered through Zing they phoned me to say out of stock. I don't put much stock in their online qty.

  • I'm not a gamer; shall I buy?

    • -1


    • +2

      Well, how can you become a gamer if you don't have the correct uniform?

      • he he, exactly.

        Anyways, nothing in stock around me :))

  • +11

    some of these too embarrassing to even wear at home

  • The Mario one is kinda ok. Got 1 of them. Cheers OP

  • This is the way

  • Cant CC, Watergardens Vic

  • Had a good laugh and then gifted them to mates. cheers

  • tried to order 5 different hoodies, got 5 different shipping prices = $45. this is not stonks

  • no stock for almost all styles at my nearest store or a store within 15k radius.

  • What’s the sizing like?

  • too late I only want the Pokemon - Eevee Zip-Up Hoodie

  • I picked up the Mandalorian hoodie when it was $19 and the hoodie is actually very good quality, soft inside too.

    • How’s the sizing? Bulky?

      • Not too bulky. True to size guide, so check your measurements. I grabbed a M for women's 12.

  • +3

    $29 delivery to metro Melbourne
    No click and collect anywhere within a 15km radius

  • Marvel hoodie would have been an amazing deal for anyone who was able to get it! DC batman zip jacket not bad either.

  • LOL… No stock within 100km of the entered suburb for click and collect and have to pay $29.90 for home delivery option… what a joke…

  • +1

    How to never get laid for only $9

  • +5

    Pretty crappy delivery options

    (3 items)

    Total amount

    Each item has to ship individually, with 2 items having a "priority" StarTrack delivery of $15 each, and they won't arrive for almost 2 weeks

    • Yeah that killed it for me as well.

  • None in WA?

  • Unfortunately the items below are not in stock for delivery in your area. Please choose Click & Collect to proceed - no stock anywhere

  • +1


    this one would sell up a storm in china

    you could wear it to the internment camp too

  • +2

    literally nowhere has stock…meh..

  • +1

    No stock within 100km of Sydney CBD. Delivery of $14.95 for 3 jackets worth $27 kills the deal.

  • +1

    They certainly know their target audience. All the way up to 4XL

  • I actually managed to get something this time around for C&C.

  • Does anyone know how the sizing works? Are the jumpers with female models sized for females or is it all male sizing?

  • Anyone know how these run for sizing?

  • Just a reminder that EB Games is Gamestop.

  • $9 for hoddie, $15 for delivery.

    Added 5 hoodies ($45) in the cart, only to find out at checkout is $56 bucks. LOL EB Games is such a joke.

  • 6 item in the cart, 2 need to be delivered via separate fulfillment centers at $9 each. The remaining 4 need to be collected from 3 stores all across Sydney.

    • enjoy your round trip

  • The shipping cost on these are outrageous!! I ordered multiple items and they ship from different suppliers so each item had its own shipping fee. Can't find anything my size in local outlets to click and collect.

  • im a simple man
    i like video games and hoodies
    thanks, got a few

  • The front looks alright until you look at the back lol.

  • Licensed to do what? Certainly not to thrill.

  • Nothing available with C&C. Home Delivery is way too expensive.

  • Thanks OP! Got one from Zing, EB was all no stock for me in QLD.

  • Almost nothing available in Perth

    • I just got two, albeit from different stores and one in a size that'll likely be too big. I don't intend to wear that one other than to make my students laugh anyway.

      • +1

        I picked up one from Karrinyup today and they only had 2 left, 2XL and 3XL Minecraft. Belmont didn't have the one I ordered in stock, so EB offered to post it to me for free (they also offered pick up from Booragoon or Midland). Turns out the one they're sending will be too small, but I found it in stock at Innaloo in the right side - it was their last hoodie.

  • +1

    For those asking about the sizing, I just collected the Space Jam hoodie in large and the DC Comics Chibi hoodie in small and the chest size seems to align to their hoodie sizing guide.
    One thing to note though, the DC Comics Chibi hoodie listing states that the material is a cotton/polyester blend but the tag/label on the hoodie states 100% polyester and the outer material feels like it-it's a bit slippery.

    Edit: Also, for some odd reason, when I added one pokemon windbreaker in my cart for home delivery (Melbourne metro), the delivery stated $14.95, and when I added another one the delivery company changed (I think) and the charge was reduced to $9.95. Ended up buying 2 to justify the shipping cost. Also tried adding a couple more to my cart to see how it affects the delivery charge, and it stayed the same.

  • good deal. I normally buy M or L, but the closest store is running out of these sizes. So I ordered XL. Lucky, the XL(Mario red hoodie) is the right size for me. If people did not know Mario, they may think this is the hoodie of Motorola Santa, haha.

    • Yeah, I ended up needed one size larger than normal for the Mario and Minecraft hoodies.

  • No stock of anything in almost any size lol

  • Space jam 2xl is available for delivery.

  • lol delivery.

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