What Do I Need for PC Corsair RGB Fans

So what do I need for these fans? I want to be able to turn off the LEDs at night.

Do I need a hub? also should I get this? Corsair CO-8950020 RGB LED Fan Hub Controller or something else?

I got 3 Corsair SP 120mm Fan RGB PRO Single Pack so I'm not sure if they will fit or work in the hub. Also need a fan header hub my motherboard only has one.


  • mine need a hub & icue if you want to customise them
    i think its a commander pro unit that came in the case. it controls the fans + rgb via usb

    im not a big fan of rgb but i like the software for case fan control

    edit here: mines called a commander core xt

    • that costs 100 dollars. just for the core.

      • Yep. But comes free with aio or case making the value proposition a bit better. But buying the fans without the rgb controller is expensive

        It's almost cheaper to buy a 5000x take the fans and control unit and sell the case

        Oh BTW if it's just the controller you want I'm sure people are selling them but not sure how ud go about finding them

        • does it also power the fans?

          • @Halvar: yeah it does. sorry i just came across this


            which is the part number you typed above. that will control just the LEDS on the fans if thats all your after
            my apologies i read your post as trying to control everything through icue not the leds exclusively

            but i cant comment on that product as iv 0 experience with it

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