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Water Wipes Pack of 12 (720 Wipes) $45 ($40.50 with S&S, $38.25 with S&S & Prime Membership) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Probably the most expensive wet wipes you can buy but this is a great price if you can only use these

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  • Pretty expensive for just 2 ingredients

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/HUGGIES-Baby-Wipes-Fragrance-Refil...

    i just bought 3 boxes of these on S&S for $33.02.. purchased with a $30 amazon gift card from shopback with bonus $3 promo.

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      Thanks for this tip. I just went and ordered two boxes of the 640 packs, with 15% discount for s+s, for $33.15.

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      We used to buy the Huggies too however since using the water wipes whilst overseas no way going back to the normal wet wipes. Really good quality + the number of water wipes we use compared to the wet wipes seems to be less during each nappy change..ie efficient cleaning. Also much better for kids with eczema

  • Cheers OP.

  • Is this mostly for buttstuff?

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    If you don't care about the water only aspect.

    Woolies little ones wipes still cheaper. $0.0208 dollars per wipe compared to this one at 0.0531 dollars per wipe.

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      WaterWipes are much better than huggies , Woolies, Aldi ones.
      But bit expensive.

      • Agreed, at least for number 2s.Little Ones, Huggies, etc tend to be drier and not as good to use for number 2s.

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    This is the baby product equivalent of bottled water, massively overpriced and can be done for way, way cheaper.

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      You could use washable clothes I suppose.

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    Showing $83.98 for me now

  • Our baby is three weeks old and we have only used these wipes - except once.

    The one time we tried something else, the wipe was drier, was a lot harder to wipe everything off, and baby got a rash immediately.

    I’ll stick to just these from now on.

  • Noooo the price has gone back up

  • Back in stock

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