NSW - Third Party Repair for Toyota Camry Hybrid?

Hi all,

Anyone know any trustable hybrid mechanics that can work on a hybrid Camry? I think mine needs a near HV inverter - it has a powertrain fault code P0A94-127 .
Toyota doesn't want anything to do with it since it's out of warranty.


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    Toyota doesn't want anything to do with it since its out of warranty.

    So they didn't even offer a quote to repair?

    • that doesn't sound like Toyota. they'll repair it for a price im sure. Whats the full story?

      • i took it to Toyota a year ago with a good description of what I've done to diagnose, and how to reproduce the issue.

        Toyota just reset the DTC codes and said they couldn't reproduce , and charged me $400. Gave them a call the next day with the DTC showing again, and they quoted they wanted another $400 just to have another look around.

        Its a 2011 Camry Hybrid that's done 280k's.

  • Have you checked (carefully and with the right HV gloves) that all the plugs are secure and not corroded?

    • Disconnect the HV battery before you start touching things ;)

      But even without disconnecting the HV battery, if the car is switched off, the HV battery relays are open.

    • Thanks, the service guide helps, but unfortunately, I don't have the tools.

      That being said, it happens pretty reliably when trying to drive uphill, or demanding power at around 90-100km/h. - Can be consistently reproduced after resetting DTC codes.

      So it doesn't seem to be wiring (else it would happen at odd times or when the car jolts around).

      The 127 code is also the only code output, so it doesn't appear to be an issue with any other Hybrid System.
      This leaves - Hybrid Transaxle, or Inverter with Converter assy.

      • The tools and parts together will be cheaper than paying someone else to fix it. Only one way to learn, and that's by doing it - and then you can do it again next time.

  • I'm interested to follow this as lately I've been wondering if there's a market for a specialist independent EV workshop (and where do you get training beyond your trade knowledge).

  • Maybe try https://www.carh.com.au/services/ (never used as I don't have a Hybrid myself)

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