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North Bayou F100A $65.24 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


A couple of dollars more than last time, but still a very decent price for a very decent product.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    For those who are interested, these are the other models also on sale:

    Spoke to David on the phone and I made a post but it was deemed a duplicate. The sale is for long weekend and ends midnight on Monday or when stock runs out and here are all the other models on sale:

    Product Description ASIN Amazon Current Long Weekend Special
    F80 New NB F80 Monitor Arm for 17" - 30" Computer Monitor from 2kg to 9kg B071HWSGPN $44.00 $37.40
    FBA-H100-B New NB H100 for 22" - 35" Computer Monitor from 2kg to 12kg… B08DKBWS18 $64.95 $55.21
    FBA - H160-B New NB H160 Dual Monitor Arm for 17" - 27" Computer Monitor from 2kg to 9kg Per Arm B071LHHNHM $74.95 $63.71
    FBA - H180-B New NB H180 Dual Monitor Arm for 22" - 35" Computer Monitor from 2kg to 12kg B0714DN1QH $94.95 $80.71
    FBA - H80-B New NB H80 Monitor Arm for 17"- 27" Computer Monitor from 2kg to 9kg B071FB2CS5 $42.96 $36.52
    FBA-F100A-B New F100A Black Monitor Arm for 22" to 35" Monitors from 3kg to 12kg B07496HG96 $79.95 $65.24
    FBA-F100A-S New F100A Silver Monitor Arm for 22" to 35" Monitors from 3kg to 12kg B0725R9FNX $79.95 $67.96
    FBA-F100A-W New F100A White Monitor Arm for 22" to 35" Monitors from 3kg to 12kg B07KZRX29Y $79.95 $67.96
    FBA-F195A-B F195A Black Dual Monitor Arm fits 2 Screens up to 32" 19.8lbs Each Monitor B07C9J9MM8 $139.00 $99.00
    FBA-F195A-W F195A White Dual Monitor Arm fits 2 Screens up to 32" 19.8lbs Each Monitor B076Q9DJ7V $139.00 $118.15
    FBA - F160 NB New F160 Dual Monitor Full Motion Desk Mount with Gas Spring for Two Computer Monitors 17'' - 30" LED LCD Flat Panel TVs from 2kg to 9kg per arm.… B08DLG6WJY $77.00 $65.45
    • Damn. Can one of the mods edit the post so that this info is more visible.

  • Is there a white one on discount too?

    • White is $80, waiting for white too

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  • This or the F80, currently on sale for $37

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      F80 is so short. If you need any sort of height, you'll want the F100A.

      • In my use, a 13 inch open laptop fits under a F80. However my bigger personal macbook15.4 inch does not fit under my monitor with the lid open.
        (I use the laptop open for Webcam under my 27 and 34 inch monitor)
        That’s the reason I am looking to buy this.
        Wish I knew this earlier

  • I hv a question that I just about to post on the forum, how to connect 1 laptop to two monitors please?

    • This, but find a cheaper one. The real cheap ones probably struggle to run them at any reasonable res


      • Thanks. I am thinking using two cables.
        HDMI to HDMI and another one is Usb C to HDMI cable. I haven't bought this cable yet
        Do you think it would work?

        • Sorry I'm actually not too sure on this stuff. Maybe this would work better for laptop -> two displays.

          This is Laptop -> HDMI cable -> Splitter -> 2 x HDMI cables -> monitors

          I did see a Laptop -> USB C -> Splitter -> 2 x HDMI Cables -> Monitors but it was $50 bucks whereas the one above is $26. Do note though, at these prices, the resolution, refresh rate and stuff is probably really bad.

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    I have an NB F80 from a previous deal, as well as an Ergotron which was about 2.5x the price. The NB is very good and better than other cheap arms that I’ve tried from ebay.

    The Ergotron though is even more solid, smoother & more stable to adjust, has more adjustment (mostly in monitor tilt), has a tool less cable management system and looks more premium.

    In the recent earthquake the monitor on the NB tilted & swung to the side where the Ergotron didn’t move.

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    Could not properly hold my Dell S3422DWG (7.71kg), it was always tilted slightly downwards

    • I got a H100 (holds up to 12kg) for my Xiaomi 34 monitor that has a similar weight, and it holds it pretty steady

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      You can tighten the mount so it does not tilt due to weight. Mine holds my aw34 well

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        tightened it to the point where the allen key hole almost wore out

    • Holds my AW3821DW just fine.
      No tilt issues.

  • Bloody great mount. Easy to assemble and adjust as needed

    Holds < 12 kgs, comes with a USB connection.

  • crap, too slow, back to full price.

    • Rep says one final sale for black Friday, indicating that may be the last deal for a long time

      • thx for the update mate. 2 month wait it is.

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