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Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT V2 Bike Computer Shipped $399 @ The Odd Spoke ($379.05 Price Beat @ 99 Bikes)


Best price for the new Wahoo Bolt V2 I found, as they rarely go on sale.

The Odd Spoke has it for $399.

Full price on 99bikes website and they agreed to beat The Odd Spoke's price by 5%.

You have to call your local shop for the price match. Their price beat policy excludes Garmin but doesn't exclude Wahoo products.

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  • I saw some on Aliexpress like


    There was also one by that same company with model number iGS320 that has USB-C! (I get excited by USB-C)

    Just wondering what functionality differences there are? The specs look similar

    • Not too sure, they probably have different features but I'd expect better performance and warranty from Garmin or Wahoo compared to a less popular brand.

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    @OP edit to odd spokes deal and mention price match

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    This or Garmin 530?

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      Both are excellent, I prefer 530 as don't need to use companion app on phone to set up, but have many friends who prefer wahoo. Garmin good if you use other Garmin ecosystem items like Varia rarar. I would get whichever you can find on best deal.

      • That's what I was thinking too. I don't have any other cycling equipment yet but I just liked Wahoo better, I'll see how it performs. Seems like it comes down to personal choice in the end.

      • I have the wahoo and am using the varia 515 with it.

  • This or a Samsung Galaxy A Series phone.

    I'm confused, what's the value in these?

    • A series is not waterproof is it?

      I have a mono LCD bike computer, and it is more easily visible outdoors. How are the colour ones?
      Many years ago, you could buy Nokia phones with "transflective" displays, which were easily readable in direct sunlight. Does the Bolt V2 use that?

      • No, looks like A-Series isn't waterproof.

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      Always on Display
      Battery life
      GPS accuracy
      Strava integration
      Ant+ connection to heart rate monitor, power meter, cadence sensor, lights etc
      Looking pro :)

    • +5

      Designed for cycling with ANT+ accecories like speed, cadence sensors, radar. Better gps from both US and Russian gps systems. Hundreds fields for data that phones just don't have eg cadence, VAM, gradient, power. 20 hour battery, won't die if you drop them (unless a car runs it over). Waterproof. Doesn't need Strava to record. The list goes in, navigation is a secondary thing for most users.

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      For me, using a bike computer instead of my phone means I don't use up the phone battery, especially as I occasionally ride for a few hours at a time (lockdown permitting of course).

      The other obvious thing is that the bike computer screen is readable outdoors, whereas a phone screen would be useless, and also kill the phone battery faster if you turn up screen brightness, which doesn't solve sun glare anyway (not to mention I always wear sunglasses so that adds another layer).

      A bike computer also makes it seamless to integrate things such as a power meter, speed and cadence sensors, Garmin Varia, gpx file, grade info (list goes on…) all on the same screen or within a button press.

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      Great responses guys, I hope they'll help someone trying to make a decision on this.

      I personally can't justify this because I'm lazy, but if you bike ride often, then it's a different story

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        If you don't ride often, far distances or use any additional peripherals it's probably not worth it. If you do big days in the saddle, having a dedicated bike computer and not using your phone battery up is probably the greatest benefit.

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