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XIAOMI Mijia Electric Precision 350mAh Rechargeable Screwdriver with 24 Bits US$28.99 (~A$41.06) Delivered @ Banggood AU


The XIAOMI Mijia Electric Precision Screwdriver 350mAh 200rpm Type-C Rechargeable Tool with 24pcs S2 Steel Bits for US$28.99 (~A$41.06) after coupon delivered from Australian warehouse.

Coupon: BG48d323


  • Strong magnetic motor, the maximum speed can reach 200rpm. With the all metal gear box, the concentricity of the bits is less than 0.2mm when rotating, which can effectively improve the finishing efficiency.
  • Small size, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, long service life and 400+ precision screws can be hit when fully charged.
  • 9 kinds, 24pcs S2 steel precision bits, hardness up to 60HRC, tough and durablem meets the needs of mainstream electronic products and new small household appliances disassembly and assembly.
  • 6pcs commonly used 45mm long bits
  • 2 gears precise torque regulation. 0.05N·m can be used for mobile phones, watches, glasses and other precision objects. 0.2N·m can be used in smart speaker, notebook and other electronic products.
  • TPU soft rubber material with soft touch
  • non slip texture for better grip
  • Integrated aluminum alloy shell, anodized aluminum alloy.
  • Universal type-C charging interface.

Package includes:
* 1 x XIAOMI Mijia Electric Screwdriver
* 24 x Screwdriver Bits
* 1 x Storage Case

A Youtube Review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CUh2cKo0KA

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  • +3

    is this the good one or bad one

    • +11


      • Mysterious.

    • So so

    • Depends on whether it's called a wowstick or something else.

      • I have this and this is not the wowstick. The torque rating on paper is much lower than the wowstick, but according to many russian reviews comparing the Wowstick to this, it has more torque in real life.

    • wowstick?

    • +1

      Used for a while,

      thin and small profile
      torque is about perfect for screw on on a motherboard screw and waterblock screw etc.
      charge last very long (I never drain the battery, I charge it after few days of usage)
      very good metal travel case
      type c charge port

      magnetic really weak, can't even stick on a motherboard screw. Even after rubbing the tip against a strong magnetizer.
      Not enough torque to screw in a PSU screw, or GPU screw, especially on lower end computer case when the machining wasn't quite precise.

      • It’s not meant to be a magnetised tip, just magnetic holding it to the case

        • +1

          Not according to the Menu, check: https://qnam.smzdm.com/202008/17/5f3a9d2126aa72275.jpg_e1080...

          将批头顶部在收纳槽磁铁位置停留 2~3秒 为批头即时充磁 (充磁位置见卡片背面)"

          rough translate:

          Put the top of the screwdriver tip against the magnet position of the storage slot for 2~3 seconds get the tip magnetised instantly (Magnetising location revealed on back of the menu)

          But it's soooooooo weak. I need to put a small piece of magnet on top of my screwdriver to allow screw stuck on tip.

          My comment is this screwdriver kit should be served as a supplement to a traditional screwdriver. It does save a little bit of effort when a screw would go in without too much force , but you still need to use the traditional one to loosen/fasten the over-torqued screw and so on.

          • @OMGJL: Thanks, I think I completely misread what it meant by the magnetic storage. Seems a shame, I used to have an electric screwdriver that was more the size of a small drill, would love something that powerful in a smaller body. Handy for putting together Ikea furniture and the like.

            • @freefall101: The drill type won't work for computers and other smaller gadget, the xiaomi one is bit weak on both torque and magnet.

  • I have a virgin Xbox 360 controller which has never been opened before. Using this electric screwdriver, I can remove the screws on setting 1, which is the lower torque setting. So either Xiaomi is under-rating the torque, or the Wowstick had overstated their claimed 3Nm.

  • that has got to be the worst unboxing video ever.. hahaha

  • Do these bits work with a driver drill?

  • Does anyone know if the screw bits are long and slim enough to reach into deep/recessed screw holes?

  • Got one. Thanks OP. Code still works.

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