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Free 300x Primogems, 10x Mystic Ores, 5x Hero’s Wit, 50k Mora @ Genshin Impact


Free primogems! To redeem online: https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
or redeem in game from settings > account > redeem code

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    Thanks OP.

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    NB6VKHQWVANZ - 2nd code (100 Primos, 5 Hero's Wit)

    • Thanks, added!

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    Curious to see how many people are still playing that started at release a year ago

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      AR 57 here, very disappointed at their anniversary ceremony… but still, can't find a game that beat this in every aspect….

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        Same, they tried to clam the rage, but seems they have no idea how to communicate with the raging community. And at the same time they have fired their PR and hire a new one, but not sure if it happened before or after the anniversary sh1t hit the fan.

        Reddit had deleted the post that exposed Janice Teo appointed to mihoyo global PR manager but got deleted later, probably fear of personal targeting, but I can smell something bad or chaotic rotting inside Mihoyo.

      • I think that's the reason why they are this greedy - because they are currently the only game like this on the market. Their marketing was good too, it's roped in a lot of people who are new to the gacha genre, who don't realise that Genshin is way below the industry standard for their gacha rates and free premium currency. The anniversary is perhaps the worst of all gacha anniversaries - the rewards themselves are a gacha.

    • wife just started playing month ago. still playing.

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      I used to play Mobius Final Fantasy and then it shut down… anyway that went for ~3 years as a live service game (was never as popular as the 2D gacha), most of the daily grind was just a macro chucked on to auto play

      as for what to do daily:

      there's a lot left to do with the new area Inazuma but I just cut down the daily time to just the daily commissions / condensed resin spend

      (as for enemy materials for weapon/character upgrades, when real life isn't busy, I have a super condensed route in Liyue for picking up enemy mats in a few spots + picking up crystal fly for keeping condensed resin topped up)

      edit: https://imgur.com/zBWH0aU , old Mondstadt/Liyue mat route

      • For crystal flies i go to arcatic petra / nobless domain cave and also a mountain right next to liyue (south) where theres 2 sets of ores and a cave with alot of flys. That gives around 10 flys which is enough.

        • Yeah, on my map the Crystalflies are incidental to the bottom right Liyue Domain TP route:

          Archaic Petra/Retracing Bolide Domain -> 3 Abyss Mages -> 1 Cicin Mage -> 4 Ruin Guards

          Having that efficient daily route (enemies/mats usually in stone's throw of TP points) cuts back on the time spent hunting down the enemies on the adventurer's handbook when I finally get some of the weapons/decide to finally upgrade them.

          I only have 2 spots in Inazuma (Araumi for the Ruin Machines, and another spot for 1x Mirror Maiden, 1x Pyro Fatui Agent) at the moment to TP to, as I haven't bothered to look up a the map/route properly.

          • @loke: Those 3 abyss mages above the arcatic petra cave is hardest content in the game.

            3 different types of element hard to break all their shields. Plus the water and ice mages perma freeze you.

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      I still login but im honestly done with it.

      It's way too grindy and the biggest mistake i made was upping my adventure level. i think upping it would help keep the grind under control but it just gets worse the higher your adventure rank.

      The game is seriously messed up now. The only reason im sticking around still is for hope they actually improve it. But it's just stacking up as worse and worse.

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        Im the same, i want to quit but the daily 60 primos too tempting

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          I started from the beginning and took a few months break earlier in the year. It really helps to step away from the game for a bit if just to relax with other media. Whether or not you come back to the game, you'll feel much better. Tbh, I just log on 10 min/day to do the dailies and don't think about otherwise.

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        Yeah I played daily since launch to quit at the beginning of September, just felt like I was grinding for the sake of it rather than enjoying the game

      • Once you're above AR55 you have as much time as you need to assemble a competant team, and you can, lower the WL to 7 to make it easier to smash stuff out. If you're below AR55 I'm not sure you know what a grindy game is hehe

        • lol…

          I am AR 55 and have 9 members perfectly equipped for level 80-90.. But its the boringness of raising new characters in the exact same way. I dropped the AR to 50 to try and extend the game life and grind less on my newer characters. But its just unplayable now.

          New characters are too weak and the strong characters i've grown bored with.

          Spamming the same 40 second dungeon again, again and again… They should be spreading those items across the world not cramming them into a 40 second dungeon.

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      Still going since day 1 as well and at AR57, almost 58. Besides waiting for new events, just spending resins on artifacts grinding. Might also be the first time I don’t buy the BP this time as I can’t see myself needing much more resources for anything else soon.

      • The artifact grind gets boring cos its so hard to get something better than what you got.

    • I only play when a new region comes out

    • pros:
      - cute girls
      - top notch animation quality
      - hand crafted open world
      - recently reached a passable mob variety
      - high quality japanese voice cast
      - fairly f2p friendly(not on par with GFL)

      - 60 fps lock
      - auto targeting is garbo making archers and skills wif an annoying amount
      - swimming
      - the boat
      - artifact farming(no item to lock a random affix, so you could block flat def or def% from being upgraded)
      - alchemy table UI is bloated to shit without tabs
      - klee isn't real

    • At AR57 too. I do feel it is starting to deteriorate now. Luckily at AR57 you can smash through any fighting dailies and domain farming in about 30 seconds.

    • I don't play anymore but I do claim these free Primogems on the off chance I log back in lol

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    Some day I'm gonna log back in and have so many dang presents…

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      The mails expire after 30 days…

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        Well bugger me.

        Guess I'll log in today then! Thanks, kind stranger.

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          I read this same comment and thought the same thing.
          I'm now waiting for the 7.55Gb update. That's not an update, that's a whole new game :(

          Thanks OP for the freebies :)

          • @AuSlade: Yeah the updates took for bloody ever. But, got my gifts, did a bunch of wishes and got gypped.


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    2.2. Banners childe and hutao

    • Skipped Hu Tao last time.. might consider her if Staff of Homa comes backs too.

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    i tried this game when it first came out,
    it didnt have android controller support so gave up

    still doesnt have it.

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      Not to mention Switch lol

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    Don't forget to use GENSHINGIFT every now and then, it works again periodically.

    • Thanks! worked for me

  • I'm in AR 33 having a lot of hard times with boss. Can't find any decent friends to play with. It's a solo game only domains can coop.

    Pretty much meh

    • I’m on 32 but experience otherwise. Almost some high lvl randoms come in every night to help. A lot of them are happy to chat. Added friends on discord so I can get continued help lol

      • The discord is full though how do you get randoms to join help bosses? Would like some advice

        • for domains you can click the match button and it will find other people who are usually pretty strong to help with the domain.

          • @daiwik: Yeah domains are not a problem it's the bosses on regular map

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          Nah I meant added each other on discord privately so I can cry for help, or just want general advice about characters etc. I had someone help me unlock all of dragonspine one week into the game. All I had to do was follow, open chests, unlock teleport points and make sure I don’t freeze to death.

          I find co op is allowed against most boss. Only a few in the main story quest don’t allow this, but then those are quite easy to manage on my own). It’s so helpful having others help me spend the 160 resin with me. Those boss would normally take me 5-10 mins to fight each and takes them 10 secs. Getting them to help with bounty is also good.

          Your settings should automatically be on to allow others to join your world. I just always press accept. A few comes in to farm your fish or flowers but small price to pay to have their help. They always request to join my world, then ask if I need any help. Some nice people let you add them as friends to get continued help :) I’ve been playing the game for 2-3 weeks and probably had about a dozen randoms help me
          Maybe we can add each other in game?

          • @Prince K: Sure PM your uid maybe we can jump on with bosses

            I have not had much people helping me

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    Just login, grab every reward, done the daily then logout

    will wait for the 3.0

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