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[VIC] Free All Day Parking in Melbourne CBD @ First Parking (34-60 Little Collins Street)


First Parking at 34-60 LITTLE COLLINS STREET is offering all day FREE parking in Melbourne CBD until the Sunday 17th October 2021.

No need to book online
Park anytime with no restrictions


Car Park is open 24/7
Entry via 34-60 Little Collins Street or 55 Bourke Street.
Height Clearance of 2.0m

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First Parking
First Parking

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    • +34

      You will be surprised - Lots of Essential workers need to go into the city for work, that don't want to catch public transport. Granted its a small %.

      • +38

        Welcome to OzBargain, I see you have met our resident Tomfoolerer.

        • +1

          If you land on free parking, do you also get given all the money collected for covid fines? Or are you playing different Monopoly rules?

        • +2

          The comments coming that that user is very annoying and is almost like spamming these forums. Unsure how admins continue to tolerate it

    • +20

      no mate, it is obliviously in the standards of another country other than Australia.
      big enough to fit my electric scooter

      • Wow!

        • -3

          I think they're measured in cms not inches, given there are more cms in a foot than there are inches, you are better off with Australian standards as you get more cms than inches.

  • +3

    There is free parking in Crown since day 1 of lockdown.

    • +16

      That amazing! This car park is in a different location so I guess it depends which one is closer to your destination.

    • Wow, still free I presume ?

      • Still free?

        • The Crown one, sorry

          • @H Le: still free!

            • @1parle: They were closed (Crown Carpark) when I drove past last week

              • @Funkton: It's the multi-level that's open and free, the basement car park is closed

                • @wonaldng: I drove off Princess highway and the entrance on the off ramp had cones and tape across it the one at the bottom of the ramp also. That was only time I’ve driven past so 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Google Map showing Wilson Parking.

    Are you the new operator?

    • +12

      That's correct - We just took over the facility on the 1st October, it takes a little while for google to amend the details.

      • Congrats. I parked here during previous lockdowns but lately I train in.

      • +1

        All the best, guys! Great start with this offer.

  • Thanks OP. How many spots do you have over there?
    Just don't wanna end up bring the car in, but your carpark is full.

    • +1

      We have 980 spaces at the 34 - 60 Little Collins Street location.
      Plenty of spaces!

  • -1

    Is this valid on Sun 17 Oct? There are two different expiry dates in the OP.

    • +4

      24/7 is not an expiry date.

      • +1

        The car park is open 24/7 and this offer of free parking runs until the 17th October.

        • +1

          Thanks. Text says 17th, fill box says 16th.

  • awesome. I am heading in tomorrow

    • +2

      Let us know what the stairs smell like.

      • +1

        Stairs have no noes.

  • It says the rates are $10. a day - is that going to says the same rate after lockdown? City car parks are really expensive, specially when we park 2 - 3 hours.. (not all day parking with early bird offer). But $10 per day any time parking would be an awesome offer

    • +2

      Its free until 17th October.

      After this date we will offer $10 flat rate. This isn't an early bird, its $10 no matter how long you park (*per exit per day)

      • Make sure the Tradies don't know about it .
        Everything else in the city is was full of them before the latest govt restrictions .

        • +3

          Yes, please set the maximum height bar to 10mm below the height of a Ford Ranger. TIA

        • Not with a 2mtr roof clearance they wont.

      • That's… a very good deal.

  • Good parking deal.

  • Says P 0 spaces now in the banner
    Is that accurate?

    • No

  • +1

    Note parking is free in the city of Melbourne until 26 October:

    • -1

      To be clear, only the green signed ones that are no longer than 30 mins..

      • +1

        to be clear, its, 30 mins or more, which is alot of parking spots.

  • thanks OP I need to store some things for a few weeks. This is perfect.

  • Looking at the location, I'm more interested in what the normal prices for this car park are (it's only a block away from my new workplace I'll be starting at soon)

    So for a typical 9-5 office worker it's only $10 for the day? And that goes down to $8 if I join the Express Club dealio? And the Express member thing is still a casual rate - i.e. no upfront booking or minimum days/month etc.?

    • That's correct, our pricing will be $10 to start with and express members get 20% discount on our casual rates.
      Our car parks operate on a flat rate model - no early bird restrictions, no booking online, no (Express) membership fees and no minimum days/spend per month.
      We don't charge credit card fees either - its built into the price.

      • So do we rock up tomorrow and the boom bar will just open?

        • And open upon exit like at shopping Center car parks within the first hour?

  • Has anyone parked here this week? Still open?

    • Its a 24 hour car park

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