Tool to Find ASIC Crypto Miners

Hey OzBargainers,
I’m currently looking to purchase an ASIC crypto miner but am having trouble navigating the various different websites, I’m wondering if there is anything that is like price hipster except for finding crypto miners?
Thanks in advance!


  • Another one is AsicMinerValue

  • Why would you want an ASIC though?

    Assuming you've done the research, wouldn't a GPU or several be a better investment? Or BTC/ETH/etc directly? As far as I've found ASICs don't make financial sense…

  • For anyone thinking of buying an ASIC miner. They are extremely noisy. Put out a LOT of heat and chew a tone of power. Unless you have a sound proof, temp controlled room in your house, its probably something you want to have at a dedicated facility of some sort. Just home-mining with GPU's you can quickly use up your power kw available and heat your house like crazy (not to mention noise) . ASIC mining is next level… be prepared, if you can afford it and put it in a good location/cooling and don't mind nutty power bills. Go ahead. Oh, most homes could only accommodate a couple of these devices let alone run all your other appliances. Please check power consumption and what "capacity" in terms of kw you can safely add in your house. When it comes to ASIC's it not as much as you would think. Safety tips : a) always keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher nearby. b) don't cheap out on cables, see a).

    • In winter if you are running a bar heater or something, may as well use those electrons to do some calculations before turning into heat!

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