Scoot Launch Fares - Drive Down the Price

Hey everyone. Wasn't sure where to put this and couldn't see it in any other forum or deal. The new budget airline is running a promotion whereby the more people that register on their site, the lower their launch fares will be for flights to Singapore. The sale fares will only be available to people that register. Seems like it could become a good deal if the price gets down to $200 or less per leg.

Scoot Airlines

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    They are flying to Singapore, not Malaysia.


    Sorry updated.


    $265 looks like Airasia's current best price (and $250-$350 seems to be about the norm pretty much all year round now). Don't know if Scoot will be a better or worse airline - I've been pretty impressed with Airasia's staff and cabin fitout generally


      I like Air Asia's staff! :P

      It's $200 to BKK at the moment. As a new airline you expect super low fares to create a bit of initial interest. If the fares are over $200 at the start,, it doesn't look too promising.

      Until last year I was regularly gettin return tickets to KL for $250 inc. $200+ one way is not hugely less than the big boy's specials where you can alter dates and get treated (slightly) better.

      God I miss those Air Asia flight attendants :(


    Nearly 30k people have registered now and it's still barely below $300.
    By my calculation, at the currently price, it'd be $500 return for the base fare, plus prob around $100 extra for baggage, food, booking fees, etc. If this is their "promotional fare", then I'd be sorely disappointed.

    I had eagerly waited for months for them to start selling tix, but in the end booked with AirAsia as I could wait no longer. I booked return fare including 15kg luggage from SYD to SGN for just over $500, which I expect will be what Scoot will charge just to SIN.

    My guess is that they will keep up all the glam and fanfare building up to their eventual disappointing and lackluster launch, whenever that will be…


    Well they did say UNDER… so there is still hope yet that it will be considerably under…

    Currently at under $250 one way, so worst case scenario that means:
    AUD$249 for AUS-SGN
    AUD$188ish for SGN-AUS

    AUD$437 all up inc all taxes and surcharges, not sure if baggage and meals are included or not.


    With Air Asia launching their SYD-KUL fares for $99 each way you would think Scoot would want to at least match that price???


    Hi - it's just under four hours to go before registrations close at midnight tonight on the

    It looks like the one way fares from Australia to Singapore are - at the moment - hovering just over $150 one way (inclusive of all taxes and surcharges)

    So if you may be interested in flying overseas this year it might be worthwhile registering before midnight tonight.

    Only those who register will be able to access the lowest fares as the airline launches.

    The Fly Scoot Facebook page says that the prices would go below $150 one way if more than 80,000 people sign up — almost 78,000 have signed with about four hours to go …


    Flyscoot says on their facebook page:

    "Based on our system - if we get 80,000 sign ups, We GUARANTEE promo launch fares BELOW $150, taxes and surcharges INCLUDED. Period.

    And if we get more than 80,000 registrations, well, we'll just have to go lower."

    So hey its an interesting promotion - not an immediate bargain - but worth watching and registering if you think you may need a cheap fare this year or so.


    Something is wrong with their counter…. It says we have until 2359 SG time which is another (at the time of this post) just over 5 hours away… yet the counter says we only have just over 3 hours?

    If it goes under $150 one way that means it's gonna be less than AUD$265 return!


    $88 one way what a bargain! obviously thats with no checked in baggage, $110 with. but still might cheap

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