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Australian Natural or Roasted & Salted Almonds 750g $8 @ Woolworths (In-Store Only)


This popular deal is back once again.

Sale price equates to $10.67 per kg.

Regular price is $13.

EDIT 17 OCT: both 750g almond varieties are still on special for $8, but it appears it is an in-store only special.

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    For those with an air fryer, I'd recommend grabbing the natural ones and chucking them in for around 8-10 minutes at 180°C (shake them every couple of minutes).

    Tastes delicious and also lowers your salt intake compared to buying these roasted & salted ones 👍

    • Or just buy the unsalted ones from Aldi and save yourself some work

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        But at what cost?

        • Forgive me if I'm wrong, it's been a while since I've been to Aldi. Pretty sure it was $14 for 1.2kg which is only $1 more per kilo

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            only $1 more per kilo

            Settle down Mr Moneybags, this is ozbargain not ozsplurge.

            • @mangobango:

              Settle down Mr Moneybags, this is ozbargain not ozsplurge.

              Would you like to put a price on your health? :)

              However, I do your suggestion of air frying rather than buying the salted ones.

    • I really should buy an air fryer. Just made some peanut butter, but my oven is rubbish. An air fryer would be a good option!

      • They're great! We have the 3.2L one from Kmart and use it almost daily. Would recommend grabbing that one or one of the bigger ones from there (depending on your needs, it's just my partner and I so the 3.2L is enough for us)

      • If you want an air fryer on the cheap, this deal may be of interest to you. It's in the upcoming Woolworths catalogue, but it's already on sale for that price at the moment.

    • how do u eat it, or what with?

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        Just by itself. I just grab a handful to snack on every now and then, and also I blend it in smoothies :)

    • Think you have to, the packet i got seem pretty average and stale/soft almost

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        Yeah all the natural almonds I've had are the same too. Once they're roasted then they're nice and crispy.

  • I just checked my receipt again and it was $8 on Thursday, 30 Sep. Price has been jumped over the weekend?

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      I bought yesterday, Sunday, it was $8 for both, 750gr

    • Well spotted! I checked my local Woolworths this evening, and they are on special for $8.

      My guess is that it is an in-store only special until tomorrow night, and then an in-store and online special from Wednesday?

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