[eBook] $0 - Superman: The Many Worlds of Krypton: Syfy Custom (The World of Krypton (1987-1988) ) @ Amazon AU/US


234 pages of the Man of Steel. Free at the time of posting.

Currently $10.11 on Comixology.

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Collects WORLD OF KRYPTON VOL. 1 #1-3 and THE WORLD OF KRYPTON VOL. 2 #1-4, with stories from SUPERMAN #233, #236, #238, #240, #248, #257, #266, and SUPERMAN FAMILY #182

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  • Thx OP. Was looking for free ebook to read on my new ipad mini. This is great start.

    • Lots of free graphic novels with Prime and Kindle Unlimited.

      • Yep, just noticed, Thx for the tip

  • Nice dude. Thanks.

  • +3

    Free? My kryptonite!

  • I noticed that all of my book collections are all in my Kindle Library which includes my mobile phones and Kindle device. Is there anyway I can sort the books separately from my devices? Thanks.

  • I thought for a sec in that thumbnail superman was shooting something out of his pee hole

  • Nice ! Upvote

  • Unfortunate rocket placing on the cover.

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