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[eBook] Free: "Death by Nutella" $0 @ Amazon AU, US


50 Irresistible, Mouthwatering Recipes Using Nutella

This book is about Nutella obsessions, cravings and illicit indulgences. Your imagination will soar in learning about every silky & sensuous recipe that is deliriously delicious! It truly is your last word for this fantastic consuming passion!

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    Thanks OP.
    After reading the title and didn't read the description and I thought a story of secret agent killed by poisoned Nutella.

  • +7

    Just bought a 1KG thanks to flybuys offers coles. Thanks OP but I'll just eat with a spoon :D

    • Can you please share more info on this? 🤔

      • +1

        Pretty sure I got some flybuys points by playing the AFL pie game on the app. Was fun while it lasted, good pies too.

      • +4

        Nutella is sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread.
        Spoon is a utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle. A type of cutlery, especially as part of a place setting, it is used primarily for transferring food to the mouth. Op is describing his intention of skipping preparing recipes containing Nutella described in the ebook and rather eating Nutella directly from its jar with the aforementioned tool, the spoon.

        • +3

          I read this in David Attenborough's voice.

    • +2

      Got a 3kg bucket at home

  • +2

    I'm a simple man. I see Nutella and I like.

  • +6

    Its up there, but I think death by Snu Snu is my top way to go.

    • +6

      The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised :(

  • +2

    Would love to see Nigella cook stuff from this book.

    P.S I can’t cook.

  • Do you really die from eating Nutella?

    • +1

      My wife can make a bloody fantastic Nutella cheesecake.

      The bad part is I’m lactose intolerant and she uses proper ingredients which pain me so much……. to answer you question from my anuses point of view, yes you can die.

      • Take the pain and eat it lol.im lactose intolerant too and Ice cream used to be the worst for me but now i don't care i eat all dairy, in fact i have gotten used to it a lot now its definitely nowhere as bad as it used to be, my wife played a big part of me adapting to Dairy she makes all sorts of yummy food, i think if you slowly introduce dairy foods like Yogurt and cheese first your stomach will eventually adjust, may be have some probiotic while trying to adapt i think it will definitely help.give it a go. and dont eat too much Nutella anyway you certainly will die hahah

        • I can eat hard cheeses without too much problem but hitting the creamy or soft cheese tips me over.
          Funny that I can eat a Kraft slice cheese or two without a problem.

          I’ll definitely look into the probiotic and see if that will help my atomach health out. I think it’s something that I need to do for general health too.

          • +1

            @Kiro: Hey. Have you tried https://www.lacteeze.com.au/? From memory it gives you a temporary dose of the enzymes your body can't make.

            • @the discombobulated panda: I have been told about something similar, one of my mates kids takes it and then goes to town on ice cream. Lol

              Something I have thought of taking but sorta drop off the radar for me.
              Thanks for the link I’ll look into it.

              • +1


                one of my mates kids takes it and then goes to town on ice cream. Lol

                Fair call by the kiddo. :)

                Thanks for the link I’ll look into it.

                No worries. I'd say buy a bit and see how it goes. Surely avoiding a self-hating homicidal arsehole going nuclear is worth a few bob? :)

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    Quick and easy Nutella recipe.

    1.Buy a big ass jar of Nutella
    2. Buy a packet of biscuits, scotch fingers work great
    3. dunk em
    4. feel ill after an hour but continue until jar is empty
    5. repeat

  • Was excited about this until I realised it was a book :/

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