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Bonds Men's Fleece Zip Hoodie $10 ($54.99 RRP) + Delivery (Free for Members) @ Bonds


No idea about quality or fit but plenty of sizes available at time of posting

Green also available:

Delivery is free with $49 spend or free with membership (free)

20% cash back with Shopback today until 6pm

You'll want to zip into BONDS for our mens' Fleece Zip Hoodie featuring tri-blend fabrication, an extra soft marle finish and cosy brushed fleece. Throw in classic BONDS comfort, and this is one men's hoodie that definitely good in the hood.

• Fleece zip men's hoodie in a tri-blend marle fabrication
• Cosy hood and deep pockets to keep the cold out
• Snag-free zip for easy on and off
Product Code: AXCEI

Material: Polyester / Cotton / Viscose Rayon.

Manufactured In: China

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  • +17

    I bought some items on Bonds website, orders shown as "processing" for 3 weeks, then all of the sudden got cancelled with reason "Your claim has been refunded". I didn't claim or request refund. Very bad customer service. Never buy Bonds products again. Plenty of other brands to choose from.

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      I got bigger underwear in a sale and got no comms from the other side for replacement. Had to become fat just to fit in

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me. Sudden cancellation

    • Same, ordered on 31/08 when there was hoodies on sale. I realised it was still processing about 3 weeks later. Called their support number and got an automated message that said, we're really busy if you're still waiting for your order keep waiting and then it hung up!
      I sent an email query and got an email cancellation and refund with zero further explanation.

    • Exact same thing happened here - I contacted them a couple days ago because I was interested in their actual reasoning (whether it may be OOS, item discontinued or something else). Who knows how long it'll take to respond to an email, given that they took weeks just to seemingly refund most orders.

    • I bought the baby wondersuit stuff and got half of it cancelled like yours "Your claim has been refunded". It was confusing at first, as it was not on my request until support got back to me 2 weeks later advising they were out of stock. I ordered it, 6th September, and literally got an hour go. I put my expectations even lower after the news report on Aus Post, so pleasant surprise.


    • Exactly same thing happened to me… Never again

    • Same thing happened to me last weeks. Never gonna order from them again… 👎👎👎

    • The same thing happened to me. Orders were cancelled without any explanation.

    • +1 this experience, had almost the exact same issue. Ill buy bonds in store because their clothing is good quality(doubtful ill get deals like this though so consider me no longer shopping there), but I am definitely not ordering online anymore, I had to make 3 enquires to get through to someone, first two times they just sent a generic "check your junk mail, it may have been sent in another order" and closed my enquiry, third time they said "we have processed your refund request" and that was it.

  • +1

    if you want the matching pants or pullover, $15ea (members $13.50ea) @ bonds outlet

    • wow what sort of website charges more in the outlet store for the same item? The same fleece hoodie are $15 there!

    • +1

      Thanks! ordered one of each of the hoodies, might as well get the trackies to match; I've had no issues with Bonds deliveries in the past.

  • Anyone know if shopback works with Afterpay?

  • +2

    Try to choose the colour and see what happens. Lol

    • Hehehe

  • -1

    If only they sold to the average public want the 4xl to 10xl range

    • dat a big ass boi. Good luck.

  • +6

    Cancellation notice incoming after 3 weeks of waiting…

  • Boring design.

    • +1

      its $10 cant expect too much.

  • Wilderness is still available but they increased the price of the black to 15 haha

  • 20% shopback capped $25

    • oh wells i bought it so i guess $3 shopback one day will happy

  • +2

    Wow, it was showing $10 and then jumped to $15, that's a bond's style..

    • Same thing happened to me, had it in the cart on PC, switched to my mobile to get SB and showed $15. Missed 20% SB, but managed to get a pair before OOS

    • -1

      "Bonds. Jack Bonds." - now starring in the latest movie thriller, "No time to buy"

  • Got a successful paypal claim. Got a pending PayPal claim and another CC charge back. 3 orders from back in June haven't arrived. They won't give a refund or proof they have initiated an Austpost enquiry. Orders show as bouncing around between states.

  • Thanks, ordered a green one. Still decent for $12 delivered.

    • +1

      Same but got for $10.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one for $10 delivered and $0.38 cash reward. But judging by some of the comments on here, I won't hold my breath.

  • Added one each at $10.. then in cart they were $15

    Bought them anyway - good deal for $15.00 each.

    • They could have been a better deal if you paid through shopback for an extra 20% cashback.

  • +6

    Don’t order from these bastards. Waited nearly 4 weeks, 3 emails with no replies from them, eventually Bonds on Facebook replied and their excuse was that this is a busy time of the year for them and they will refund me. (profanity)? Why is it busy? People buying undies for halloween??????

  • Fugly.

    I got the hoodie from last deal, but still waiting on the socks.

    • Is the hoodie any good?

      • it's not bad, wearing it now, can't really complain for $9.

  • Ordered from bonds over two weeks ago, dispatched a week after ordering, but still hasnt been processed by auspost. Been sitting somewhere 'ready for processing' for a week now. Never again.

  • +1

    I ordered from bonds a few weeks ago when there was another post about super cheap stuff. Got the fleece and pullover but the hoodie wasn't included. It took 3 customer enquiries to finally get an answer past their generic "have you checked your junk folder" response. After another week they ended up refunding me cause they had no stock - note this is the exact same hoodie listed here.

    Their clothing is great quality but absolutely screw their customer service, just keep this in mind when ordering, you may get an added headache as part of your order.

  • Got the black colour delivered 2 days ago, they had so much fluff and lint, I washed and flapped it and still had so much coming off. Washed it again and still had a ton of shedding. Hopefully I'm not the only one with the bad batch

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