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[Switch] FIFA 22 Legacy Edition $49 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ Select Areas with $100 Order) @ JB Hi-Fi


JB doing the new Fifa for $49. Usually new Fifa around $69.

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    Also same price at Amazon AU delivered.

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    Reviews on it are absolutely brutal.

    As per IGN - "I, though, happen to find the whole affair to be sad, joyless, and a shining example of capitalism at its worst. What could surely at this point be a low-cost downloadable update is instead presented as an expensive, cynical money grab.

    EA, please stop this."

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      What could surely at this point be a low-cost downloadable update

      IGN's review is for people that play the latest fifa every year and owns last years version.

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        Isn't Fifa 22 switch is basically just Fifa 17 for xbox 360 with a new roster? Seems pretty lazy to me.

      • Even if that's the case they offer no option for previous owners to pay a small fee for a roster update.

    • Worst version of FIFA I've ever played (I've been playing FIFA since 2000 !)

  • Tbh hardly noticed any change in FIFA 20and 21 except team’s updated with latest players

  • Not worth the price if you already owned Switch FIF20 or FIFA21 Legacy.
    Better buy the PS4, PS5 or XBox X Version of FIFA 22, cos it is a complete package including Street Football.

  • Seems Amazon has been this price since July
    Additionally $49 at Kogan and HN (although those two are bad)

    Usually new Fifa around $69

    Only has an RRP of $59 on Switch

  • Just transfer updates nothing worth playing

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    EA bad

  • As above, switch game is a legacy edition which means they've made no gameplay updates in years. Don't confuse this with the playstation/Xbox version where there are at least some animation and gameplay updates, new modes etc.

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    FIFA 21 Legacy Edition will feature an updated visual identity with a newly design in-game front end and menu screens

    How is $49 for new menu screens a bargain?

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      If you dont have fifa 21.

      • If you don't have FIFA 21 you can just buy any of the previous versions and get the same game. I don't see how $49 for this can be considered good value

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    Since when has EA ever cared about their customers?

    • To be fair, a lot of game developers who valued their customers are not around anymore. If you look at it from the other point of view, gamers buy the games they want to play despite the developer niceties.

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    Usually $69 LOL

    this game (if you can even call it a game) is worth at best $5

  • Bought anyway on first day launch from Amazon (49)

  • Absolutely nothing has changed for the past 3 or so games.

    Yet it pains me to know that people are still buying this rubbish.

  • wait for the price to drop

  • -1

    This is a collectable item as Mbappe is leaving PSG soon.

  • Ironic thing about this game is how high the stats are for Barcelona

  • I would like to buy Fifa on the Switch, I don't need the latest version especially if there is not much difference from previous versions. I had a quick look on Amazon and older versions still seem expensive, does anyone know what version would be the best to buy considering cost and a relatively new version?

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      all are the same in terms of gameplay and graphics- maybe the players are different.
      ik im getting downvoted to hell for this but dont buy it, save your money and buy one of the many actually good switch games.

      • I like Fifa, I don't really play games anymore but I have owned a number of the versions of Fifa going back to 1994, the latest one I owned was 2015 I think, on the Wii.

    • Buy fifa 22 as it will have the most ppl online and the latest roster.

      • Thanks, playing online or having the latest players are not really important to me.

  • Definitely not worth it.
    It's barely justifiable buying the ps5/xsx for $69 at least they are proper upgrades.
    This is a waste of money at $49. Buy it on sale for sub 30


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