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Wahl Beard Straightening Brush $39 (Was $79.95) + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend or C&C) @ Shaver Shop


Tame your mane with Wahl…
Growing a thick and healthy beard is one thing. Keeping that beard looking great is something else entirely. This Brush is now a must-have item to complete your personal grooming experience at home

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  • I just use a cheap $2 one from Kmart. It works fine…

    • Like… a regular brush?
      This one is completely different, it heats up to such degrees that they change their shape, king…

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      I Posted this deal for you to comment and this what you got! Disappointed..

    • I will follow you. Your beard looks great.

    • do you use it to comb the crumbs out of your beard?

      • No, the pigeons get to those before I get a chance…

        • pigeons or doves?

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            pigeons or doves?

            Doves cry…

            • @jv: Probably look up Ginuwine version if you want to hear a dove cry

  • Anyone used this can comment? Medium length beard and only just started trying to use a hair dryer plus $6 Woolworths brush.

    EDIT: Based on the reviews on the product through Shaver Shop, seems pretty well recommended.

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      I got a smaller style one off amazon. Hair dryer and a round brush works better the round brush allows you to wind the hair into the brush and add tension, then hit with the hair dryer to straighten/set.

      it works OK but if you have a large beard (I do) then its far better to use a hair dryer imo.

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      Hair-dryer + brush is much quicker

      These are slower and more suitable for longer beards. Even for longer beards I'd go the dryer and brush

      Only reason you'd go for these if you don't want 2 items, or if you're lazy and happy to just sit and brush.

    • Thanks both! Guess I will stick to my round + dryer and hope I get better at using them :) Saved me $40 and another eyeroll from the wife for spending too much time on the beard haha

      • Thanks !!

    • I got one of these a while back, and it works OK on my medium-to-long beard. As others said, it is much slower, and not as effective (or I might not be doing a good enough job). The advantages are that it is quieter (might be a disadvantage, though, as it allows me to hear a faint sizzling sound on a still damp beard, which is a little disconcerting), and doesn't dry out my face. My insanely sensitive skin means the hair dryer/ brush method leaves me generating a localised blizzard over my face and chest, even when I exfoliate beforehand and use balm/oil/moisturiser afterwards, which hasn't happened since I switched to this.

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      You obviously don't have a beard…. LOLOLOLOL!

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        You'd be very surprised.

  • Real men leave their beards alone until it is involved in some sort of freak camping accident

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      Can't go camping at then moment unfortunately… Dan's orders.

      • Poor jv

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    Beard straightening kit looks a lot like hairbrush to the untrained eye.

  • Doesn't it come with free nose hair straightener?

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    When I had a beard I used my wifes hot air styler and it worked a treat, the head on it spins blowing out hot air so there's no stuffing around with a brush and hair dryer, this thing did it all in one and only took a few minutes to get it all nice and straight/smooth.

    • Did it goes curly again when you got it wet?

      • Not sure, don't typically get my face wet on an average day out and about

  • What happens if you use this product on head hair? looks big enough

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