OzBargains Favourite WFH Ergo Office Chair

We've seen a lot of requests for office chair recommendations over the last year with a lot of people moving to working from home.
Pros vs Cons and price aside, what have our fellow OzBargainers actually ended up buying, or are planning to purchase when restrictions lift and you can get into a store and get your butt on a seat.

No price limit, skys the limit.

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  • 7
    Ergohuman - Plus Elite V2
  • 0
    Haworth - Fern
  • 0
    Haworth - Zody
  • 22
    Herman Miller - Aeron
  • 5
    Herman Miller - Embody
  • 3
    Herman Miller - Mirra
  • 8
    Ikea - Jarvfjallet
  • 4
    Ikea - Markus
  • 4
    OfficeWorks chair that you throw out every 2 years
  • 7
  • 1
    SecretLab - Neue
  • 1
    Steelcase - Gesture
  • 8
    Steelcase - Leap V2
  • 3
    Steelcase - Think


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    Jarvfjallet gang represent

  • +1

    Officeworks Bathurst racer checking in

  • +1

    Best available at Ikea bargain corner/as is section.

  • Purchased the ERGOHUMAN LUXURY PLATINUM MESH 2 weeks ago but cargo got detained. Currently using an Okamura. Never buying a gaming chair ever again expect the Bathurst as that's pretty comfortable and durable.

    • one of the workplaces i work at has okamura chair too, Zephyr Light really comfortable chairs which can b hard to find.

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      According to the product page it's already available at most Ikea stores strange that there's zero mentioning of ROG on the product page.

    • +2

      I've already had a chance to purchase one. I was at the warehouse intending to buy a Markus when I saw the Matchspel box in the aisle. It was $249.

      After using it, the back mesh is firmer than the Markus, and although the there is a lack of a lumbar pillow, it isn't a bad thing as the more pronounced curvature of the chair provides good support of the back. I was previously used to a cheap $100 racing chair which I would always slouch in.

      After using the Matchspel, I was at first uncomfortable at how the chair forces you to sit in a proper position, but it has since grown on me.

      The adjust-ability of the neck rest and the arm rests are the main draws of the chair. I've been able to get an ideal armrest and neck rest position because of this.

      Overall, choose the Matchspel if you want adjust-ability and more pronounced back support, and the Markus if you want slightly more comfort and softness.

      • That's great to hear, thanks for the update! Is the seat cushioning okay? Appears to be pretty thin foam on a plywood panel so might need an additional cushion for long sessions.

        Quite keen to grab one as the free-issue generic ergonomic chair from work is already starting to fall apart and isn't comfortable anymore.

        • +1

          The seat cushioning has been good, it's a little softer than what is offered on the Järvfjället, and about the same softness as the Markus, while being a little thicker in depth.

          It is PU leather however, so durability is yet to be observed.

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    How cheap can we go for mesh chairs? I assume a $100 Kogan one ain't going to be good for the back.

    • Probably fine on the back for as long as it lasts.

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    Buro metro

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    initially bought Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Mesh & leather - absolute sh#@#T (at least for my back :D)
    now using Steelcase - Leap V2 - very happy

    • Really? What was wrong with it?

    • Same here, ive never had my back hurt so much from even short periods of use, had to sell it and went back to my old gaming chair which i can literally sit in it gaming/doing anything at the computer for 12+ hours no trouble, for me it was the part that was at my lower back that was the issue with the ergohuman

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    Aeron Gang

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    Owners stating their height with their comments/reviews might help others (like myself, who's a shorty) decide.

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    Some extravagant chairs being discussed here. I prefer my milk crate.

  • For those who've used both the Markus and Jarvfjallet for an extended period of time, which do you prefer and why?

    I've read that the Markus is better if you spend more than around half the day sitting.

    For context, I'm 183cm and about 67 kg (thin), while my dad is about 180cm and 100kg (average Ozbargainer, I presume).

    • Owned the Markus for 4-5 years and recently experienced quite bad lower back pain. Although it was related to stress, I found the Markus didn't give me the proper back support, especially lumbar support.

  • +2

    For a ~$600 priced option, the Steelcase series 1 is also something to consider. I've got the Aeron and series 1 and am pretty happy sitting in either one for the whole day. The Series 1 is a more traditional sort of chair with a foam base but does have mesh back so you don't get too hot. It's a little small so may not be idea for larger individuals but performs well and just gets the job done. Build quality isn't as good as Aeron but that doesn't mean it's bad.

    For seats I've used in office:
    Haworth Zody - would not recommend. Feel cheap, just doesn't support body.
    Mirra 2 - better than Mirra 1. Different mesh feeling to Aeron. Not bad, but would prefer Aeron.

    Overall, I think anything from Herman Miller or Steelcase and you should be pretty safe.

  • Anyone got any suggestions around the $500 mark (re-imbursement from work)? Was looking at stretching to a Steelcase v1 but they won't deliver to adelaide.

  • I have none of those but I have sat in Steelcase chairs before and damn they were good.

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    is Herman Miller - Aeron really so popular ? 20+ but just one comment
    $1830 retail price O_o
    are these 20+ among those thousands who voted for Tesla "deals" ?

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      I wouldn't pay retail for an Aeron, but I got mine for $1100 new from a Living Edge sale and it's solid as a rock. For something that you use every day, IMO it's worth it. Yes, not everyone will pay $1000+ for a chair, but there are lots of decent mid-tier options on that list, and even the Markus is good bang for buck.

      • comparing between Buro Alto, Buro Metro and Markus now

  • The Buro Metro was an Ozb classic but don't see deals for it much now - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/314922

    Got mine Jan 2017 and still going strong and comfortable enough. Seat is still cushiony and I spend a good 10 hours a day on it - and it was 5hrs/day pre-Covid. Wife started to steal mine shortly after so we got a second. Happy campers for just over $500 total for the both of them

    • what's the minimum height of the armrest from the ground?

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