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Win a Dell XPS 13 Laptop + Media Package Promoting The Dell Change Maker 2021 from Network Ten



Closing Date 24/10/2021


Description Dell XPS 13 Laptop + Media Package Promoting The Dell Change Maker 2021
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $311,598.98

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit Once per day
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

OK this one is a bit of work but good if you want to call out a small business.

b. Nominate themselves, or an individual who they believe is a Change Maker (Entrant),
including their first name, their last name, the suburb and state that they live in;
Dell Change Makers 2021 Page 2 of 9

c. Answer all of the Entry questions in the entry form to submit a valid entry, (an

  1. To submit an Entry, each entrant will be required to provide information about an existing
    original project, business or movement of the entrant (“Project”). The Judging Panel’s
    assessment of each Entry will be based on the strength and outcomes of that Project measured
    against the Promoter’s selection criteria. The selection criteria include, but are not limited to:
    a. Environmental Sustainability – To what extent does the Project utilise or promote
    the use of sustainable products in a new or innovative way to make a significant
    positive impact on the environment;
    b. Social Impact – To what extent does the Project create something or improve on
    existing concepts that meets social needs to shape a better future.
    c. Ideas and Solutions – To what extent does the Project provide solutions for or
    improvements upon existing problems in society.
    d. Community – To what extent does the Entrant’s work contribute to improvements
    in community outcomes.


  • One (1) x Dell XPS 13 Laptop RRP $1,598.98
  • Production of 1 Television Commercial (TVC) featuring the Winner.
  • One (1) x Half or Full-day filming (date, TBC) to profile the Winner (“Profile Video”). RRP $90,000
  • National broadcast of the TVC in The Project on Channel 10 (up to two broadcasts and extended on 10”s broadcasts and Digi channels and Dell’s website and socials).

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  • +1

    Dear god this is the worst input form i have ever seen

  • Total Prize Value: $311,598.98 … wow those latest XPS models are really expensive :)

  • OMG, I'd rather donate a computer than answer all those questions

  • Next level of competition

  • I just want a free laptop. Not to show my face on the Project hosted by that panel of hacks.

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