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2x OzBargain New Release Tasting Pack (Total 32 x 375ml Cans) $159.95 ($244 RRP) Delivered @ Dad N Dave's Brewing


Another special treat for the OzBargain community at an unbeatable price with free shipping Australia wide

Dave and the boys have been brewing their hearts out especially for the OzBargain community and have 32 of our newest beers - all freshly packaged this week (October 5-9)

The 2 x OzBargain New Release Tasting Pack includes:

8 x XPA (4.6%)
8 x Galaxy SMASH Double IPA (8.0%)
8 x L'il Hazy pale Ale (4.6%)
8 x Citra Mosaic IPA (7.2%)

Only 200 Available.

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  • Are these short date? How are delivery times to Melbourne with the courier you use? I have had parcels take over a month.

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      At $5/can I'd expect these to be the freshest possible and best before around 2023.

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        Hi Pizzaguy, All our beer is 9 months use by date. Cheers, john

      • +1

        $5 a can? It says X 2, isn't that 64 cans in total?

        • Tasting pack have 16 cans 2x = 32 cans, also note quantity of each type in the description. $5 a can.

        • +1

          Agree, OP should clean up the deal title. This is unnecessarily confusing.

    • +5

      No, just canned this week. We use Fastway and orders are getting there without any problems as far as we know. We do not use AusPost

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        Fastway, so they won't turn up then. Please don't use that company. Great if you could have options. If I see fastway or couriers please I don't bother.

        • +13

          Couriers please are dead set the worst.

          • +11

            @Rod71: It’s true. I’d say Fastway is by far the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with in my 33 years on earth!

        • +1

          As a buyer when I lived in the NT I was waiting for something from Fastway that never arrived, Fastway's resolution was pointing to their delivery guidelines which said it would take 'over 40 days' and due to this being an open ended statement it was still in the delivery timeframe. (Seller agreed to refund).

          Due to how slow they are I get annoyed if a seller does not disclose they are shipping with Fastway, its not a complete deterrent for me as a buyer if the thing I'm buying has zero urgency as I can always get a refund if it doesn't rock up.

        • +1

          I believe it depends. Recent all deliveries I had from companies in Sydney were delivered by Fastway in around 2-3 days timeframe. Whereas fathers day gift from Costco took 5 weeks (4 days to change from shipped to picked, around 4 weeks for delivery). So in current times, I would trust other companies more than AusPost.

        • +5

          Friends don't let friends use Fastway/Aramex, Couriers Please or TNT.

          If a vendor uses one of these companies I will ask if there is an alternative (eg AusPost) and, if not, I simply do not proceed with the order. It's simply not worth the grief caused to me as the consignee.

        • +1

          So far the service is great. We have very few problems considering the volume we send out.

          • +1

            @jamesdumay: 2 packages lost this lockdown for me, 2 delayed by up to a week when travelling within Sydney, simply because the companies didn't disclose they used them (as I Always pick others if available). Honestly, I've begun asking companies who don't display the courier they use before purchase it's become that bad for me, Amarex/Slowway are absolute scum to deal with too. There is a reason they keep changing their name (for all the good it seems to have done them). I'm sure some deliveries go fine, but I'd say you should at least offer another service, because many of us have been burned too many times to count and won't do business with you as a result.

            • @boredofficeworker: its almost like the lockdowns caused slower postage times. Who would have thought. Took 24 days for Auspost to deliver an express post mail from 40 minutes away. So I guess you can't use AusPost going forward either?

        • +1

          "Slowway" as the OzB community refers to them.
          Last time they attempted to deliver beer to me, it took them 4 weeks (from within metro Sydney) and they delivered to a house about 500m from where I live.
          Luckily the house owner, an elderly Asian lady, knocked on my door to ask me to come and pick them up.
          Never again with this lot

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          Fastway is the slow way, thats why they changed their name to Aramex

        • Fastway don't even deliver to my house which is only 15 minutes from their depo. I have to drive to them and pick it up myself.

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        Agree with the team here, Fastway are the worst. It's a true gamble whether your items will ever turn up

        • +1

          Thanks, I think ill wait until the postage system picks up again. Maybe after xmas.

          • @PlagueistheCheap: I took the gamble btw, looking forward to (hopefully) having my order delivered!

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      I purchased from them the last time with delivery to Melbourne. They use Aramex, previously called Fast(slow)way.

      Ordered: 17th Sept
      Dispatched: 19th Sept
      Delivered: 30th Sept

      Aramex tracking is crap, basically said left Sydney on 19th and no further update, even an update to indicate had arrived in Melbourne. Then got a notification of delivery on 30th. So 11 days to get from Sydney to Melbourne.

      • +1

        Hi Reheags, Thanks for the info. A bit longer than I expected. Cheers, John (Dad)

      • +1

        They are a rubbish company and if you think 1 delivery is a statistical significant sample you have a lot to learn .

        OP should knows these reviews and just enjoy missing sales .

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      I'm still waiting for mine since 20th August man

    • +2

      I ordered on august 6th. Got my first 16 beers mid September, and 2nd 16 came yesterday. This was all Aramexs fault, customer service from D&D was good. Enjoyed all the beers, Belgian ipa and pastry stout probably my faves. But [email protected]$k Aramex / Fast way.

  • Auspost is taking like 3 weeks + to deliver. I have ad to raise complaints to track few of my packages.

    • +2

      Have you seen the photos of Auspost's distribution warehouses in Melbourne? It makes sense.

      • +2

        I have. Poor souls. They are stretched beyond capacity.

    • Did they actually get back to you? My parcels been stuck at their facility for a month lol

  • Haven't tried these - but try the pastry stout for those who are looking for some easy drinking!

    • All new except the Citra IPA that has a revamped recipe so even more delicious than before. Cheers, John (Dad)

      • Also check your private messages Dad - sent you one re: my last order.

        • All good I just replied

    • I'd be so keen for a stout variety pack like this. I really don't like most IPAs.

      • +4

        We will keep it in mind for next winter.

  • +11

    Not even a carton and a half for 160…..what a treat

    • +12

      hi Fergy1987, Some BIG beers @ 7.2% and 8% in there so the ATO takes quite a lot in tax :-( Cheers, John (Dad)

      • which ones would you recommend for getting the most pissed? like really sh&t faced…

      • I'm interested in the tax on beers. Did it vary by strength?

        • +1

          It's an alcohol tax, so would be a higher tax with a higher alcohol percentage. See here

    • You could just get middies if you want to save money?

    • +1

      are you POOR and cant afford CRAFT BEER? /s

    • +3

      Make it yourself. $30 - $40 using quality fermentables and hops for 2 and a half cartons. Winning!

      • +11

        Hi Rod, That is how this adventure started. Our first beers were developed in the spare kitchen in Dee Why and Balgowlah. Have fun with your brewing, we certainly did. Cheers, John (Dad)

        • Yeah thats brilliant that you've turned it into a business. I did it a couple of times back in the early 90s with a kit and kilo of sugar! lol it was terrible. Better now with internet knowledge, so picked it up again during lockdown and dived straight into kegging. So good! Cheers

          • +3

            @Rod71: Not sure where you live, but drop into the brewery one day.

  • +1

    Fantastic beer. Got the mixed box a few weeks back and got it very fast (up to Brissie), and the quality of beer was fantastic. Will buy again. Thanks for shooting deals through to OZB, keep up the great work!

    • +1

      Cool maybe with the glut of beer on the market this will come down to $63.99 and it might be worth the delivery risks .

      • +1

        Just head to Aldi if you're only after cheap beer

      • +1

        Hi popsiee, There are still some other good bargains on our website. Look in the Mixed packs section. Cheers, John (Dad)

    • Thanks for the endorsement!

  • any lamington lager? im keen for something fruity & sweet…

    • Hi Franco, An interesting suggestion. Did you try our Pastry Stout? Cheers, John (Dad)

    • +3

      reported for hate speach

  • Thanks guys, ordered. Used to live nearby and have met you both a few times.

    • Thanks for your support! Cheers, john (Dad)

  • -1

    What happened to the good old days when tastings were free? The OzBargainers dream.

    • +3

      We will give a few free tastes if you come to the brewery. Cheers, John (Dad)

  • They all sound delicious, happy to say I now have a pack on the way!

  • Great beers and great people! Love popping by these guys and also grabbing a chicken sando!

  • +3

    I'd love to give them a try but I have to be honest it's above my pricepoint. But if they ever find their way into retailers near me I'll give em a try. Don't mind paying a premium for a nice drop but $160 for 32cans is a bit much. Nice to see smaller guys making a go of it though… Good luck :)
    Do you sell many for $244 btw? Clearly I didn't get out enough as this seemed really high to me but I'm no expert.

    • +4

      I agree 100%. I'm sure they're phenomenal beers - but ozbargain deals keep me up to my eyeballs in beers I enjoy at a quarter of the price.

      When my only option for beer I enjoy is $160 a carton, I'll personally stop drinking the stuff.

  • I've missed every other one, but got on this one! Thanks!

    • Awesome. I hope you like it! Cheers, Dad

  • I missed the fathers day offer but got on this one, we'll see how it goes for $5 a can! hoping to become a loyal customer on these OzB specials.

    • Awesome. I hope you like it! Cheers, Dad

  • Sweet, just ordered.

    Brookvale must be getting to the point now that there are almost enough breweries to string together a craft brewery crawl!

    Did one in Marrickville last summer, good fun :)

    • +2

      Sweet! Yes, please come down and participate - 5 Breweries in 500 meters of each other. Cheers, Dad

  • YSweet! es, please come down and participate - 5 Breweries in 500 meters of each other. Cheers, Dad

  • +1

    Smashed that add to cart button and can't wait to suck these down.


    • +4

      Awesome. Thanks for your order. We love you all. The internet sales have really made a difference to our business over the COVID Lockdown. More specials where these came from! Cheers, Dad

  • You guys do FWKs for home brewers by any chance?

    • Sorry, not right now. Something we have been thinking about though. Cheers, Dad

  • I have plenty so not ordering this time, but really happy with previous orders. There are some real whiners on here, don’t let them get you down. Although, Fastway are quite terrible, but I presume they’re cheap which helps reduce costs on deals like this. My deliveries with you have been fine but I have had to drive 20 minutes to the depot before lockdown to pick up a delivery before.

    • Thanks for the feedback and support. Glad you like the product which is the main thing! Cheers, John (dad)

  • Totally forgot to comment on this post, but also managed to grab this pack! OP, is there any tracking information that is sent once the order is delivered?

    • Yes, you should have already received an email. let us know if you haven't [email protected] Cheers, John (Dad)

  • -1

    Anyone received their beers yet? Mine was posted on 13th and the tracking hasn't moved at all. I am in Sydney

  • -1

    Ordered on 7th and still waiting for delivery. Can't get any response from the courier or seller.

    • Please email [email protected] with your order number and we will chase it up for you

      • I have already emailed and still haven't heard back from you guys.

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