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Nerf Ultra Two Motorised Blaster $10 @ Kmart


Nerf Ultra Two motorised blaster.
Uses Ultra darts, comes with 6
Needs 6x AA batteries (not included)

Not sure if this is just the regular price, but for $10 it seems to shoot well due to the Ultra darts.

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  • I recently found out that Airsoft exists. I then discovered it is illegal in Australia.

    It's like Nerf guns but on steroids.


    • If that's your jam then you should look into gel blasters

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        Which are illegal in most states

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          Seriously? First e-scooters now gel blasters. QLD leading the charge in enabling the big kid in me.

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            @Hinee: I totally understand why they're illegal.

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              @PainToad: FWIW they're totally legal in QLD as per new laws at the start of this year.

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                @Hinee: Not necessarily "totally legal", they are still restricted items although not classified as firearms.

                This site doesn't really like restricted items. People get mad when knife deals are posted.

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                  @PCHammond: If I can walk into any store and buy an item without any prerequisites or further requirements I consider that totally legal. Just because there are particular laws around the use and storage is irrelevant IMO. How many electric scooter deals based in Syd/Mel (where laws literally state them illegal) have come and gone?

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                    @Hinee: Qld law considers them a restricted item. Not you, not me. Qld law. If people want to play with restricted items, then they are subject to the appropriate laws regarding use and storage. The item being "totally legal" is not a lawful defense or reason for ownership.

                    And like I said, this site doesn't like restricted items. Weapons deals are banned even though firearms are legal with a license. Cars are legal to use with a license too, but aren't icky for this site. Knife deals are icky even though knives are legal for anybody over the age of 16 to purchase.

                • @PCHammond: Yo PC, your name checks out ;-P


                  'This site … People get mad when …'

                  On this site there are always a few kooks who get mad, no matter what is posted. It's just the nature of the site. It attracts overly righteous nutjobs.

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                    @GnarlyKnuckles: I'm not really PC lol. I have many legal firearms of my own. And as a lawful firearms owner, I am very possessive of my hobby. Gel blasters and the lax attitude towards them can quite easily erode the laws since they get lumped in all together by the general public.

        • All you need is a firearm lic

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        Such a nanny country

        I want a gel blaster

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          Big reason i might be moving to a new country.. there's soooo many limitations it is insane.

          Assuming you can't buy a BB gun in aus?

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      Even our Nerf blasters are gimped. Notice our grey triggers vs. orange triggers on US models.

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        That's no longer the case. We are now getting a mix of orange and grey (presumably old stock) triggers.

        • Cool. I’ve been out of the game for a few years.

    • Gel blasters mate

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    Hence the name "Nerf"ed. I just had to

    • Lol

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    These look pretty crappy, ultra blasters have the DRM darts and are likely a dead end. Then I looked at the Ultra 2 blasters people modified for elite darts on youtube and bought two. Thanks OP.

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