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500g Aussie Grown Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts $23.75 (Was $27) + $12-$15 Del ($0 w/ $100 Spend) @ Mac Nut Hut


500G Aussie Grown Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts are already discounted by $2 on our weekly special.

Take a further 5% off your order with coupon SAVE5.

Spend $100 or more and receive free postage as well.

Available for 1 week only. Coupon applies to all items in your order and all flavours of Macadamia nuts stocked in our online store.

Macadamia Nut Hut is a small family run business located on 78 acres of picturesque countryside in the hinterlands of northern New South Wales. We offer delicious premium quality flavoured Macadamia nuts Australia wide through our online shop.

Our Aussie grown flavoured Macadamias are far tastier than anything purchased in supermarkets and contain upwards of 90% Australian ingredients in most instances.

You are effectively buying direct from our farm-gate - Happy shopping!

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  • +2

    Save $2. Bargain!!!!

  • +1

    This deal is nuts

  • Like to help out Aussie businesses. Just ordered some dark choc and the honey roast.

    • Thank you very much, we will have those out to you soon :)

      • If these are nice i'll try the chilli and lime/pepper ones..

  • -4

    Only $47.50 per kilo!!! Bought a ton, will stick in cryo and sell it at a profit in 50 years time when it's going for $50/kilo.

    • Damn, you're lame.

    • Thanks for the constructive feedback, we actually only launched the website yesterday. I'll be sure to make some changes to cater to that.

    • selling for $10 per kilo.

      Post as a deal please:)

      Website aligns with the small family run business branding.

      Mac Nut Hut however… sounds like a secure facility in Kingaroy for ex premiers.

      • Mac Nut Hut however… sounds like a secure facility in Kingaroy for ex premiers.


    • where can you get honey roasted macadamias for $10/kg?

    • +6

      I like that picturesque property, it shows that they're real growers.

      Why would that be annoying? No need to go nuts about it. ;)

      And where can you get macadamias for $10 per kg?

  • How much is postage?

    • $12 minimum, $15 maximum, FREE over $100

  • The code 'EXTRA5' doesn't work

    • Apologies, it is SAVE5 as in the description.

  • Nice, I have been wanting to bulk order some nuts lately. I think your website needs an FAQ section.

    • And ingredients on each product.

      • and warning it might contain nuts

      • If you click into each product it has the full list of ingredients and nutritional information too! :)
        (as well as an allergy warning)

        • I see nutritional info but no ingredients.

          • @afoveht: Scroll down on the overview tab, theres only so much that can fit on a mobile screen! Clearer on the desktop.

    • Great feedback, we will add one!

    • FAQ section now added, we would love to know some more questions that you may have to add on there.

  • OP, if you just launched the website yesterday, how come you already have so many 5 star reviews from "customers"?

    Fake reviews are not Ok.

    If your product is good, stand by it. Do not listen to whoever is advising that you need fake reviews to boost sales. Especially if you want to
    start by throwing yourself to lions (that would be us at ozb :)).

    • +1

      Hi Jef, none of the reviews on our website are from "fake customers".

      We may have launched our website yesterday, but we didn't begin selling Macadamia nuts overnight.

      All of our reviews are provided by real people, who we have sold to for a number of years now.

      We were very particular about this and it actually took us a great deal of time to procure them all from our past customers for use on the website.

      If you purchase nuts from us you're more than welcome to add your own!

      • So…. where exactly were those reviews sourced from? Google reviews? Or in person feedback?

        • +5

          We reached out to our previous customers via Facebook to send in a few words for the website. Obviously these were all positive.

          We fully expect those 5 star reviews to average out a bit as the site ages and receives more orders and in turn more and more reviews.

          Whilst we will always do our best to maintain a 5 star rated service, we aren't naive that we won't receive a few negative ones too.

          Its 24 hours old, give us a chance guys! :)

          • @macnuthut: All good! I think your site looks great. Just ignore the haters whining about the farm pics - that's the kind of stuff that makes it more real vs some mass production farm.

  • +1

    Honey roasted macadamia nuts
    contains 92% Australian ingredients

    would be interested in knowing where the 8% came from
    please tell me the honey was Australian

    • +5

      Direct from the processor:

      The rice flour has a % that is not Australian grown.

      All our honey is locally sourced from growers, not blended, not imported.

  • I'm a sucker for Aussie growers and small business that show up on OzBargain … I don't need nuts, can't think of the last time that I bought Macadamias but I think I'm about to buy some nuts.
    Fond memories invoked of childhood trips driving up the coast to QLD and stopping in the hinterland for macadamias.

    • +1

      Haha! We sure do appreciate that. Hopefully we get to serve you up some nostalgia.

    • +1

      I'm a sucker for Aussie growers

      Me too

      The rice flour has a % that is not Australian grown.

      wish OP's processor felt the same about Australian rice farmers

  • got d the chilli and honey macadamia
    hope it's good!

    • Thank you for your order! We're confident you will love them :)

  • Just ordered! Looking forward to try some & gift some away! =)

    I'd also recommend re-looking at the registration process - I don't think it is usual procedure for businesses to email passwords to their customers. Google didn't like it, as it got sent to the Spam folder for violation of the policy.

    If you keep this process, you should direct customers to Immediately change the password, and they may need to check their Spam folder to find the email.

    • Thanks very much for your order, and for the feedback on the login details - we will review this.

    • +1

      We've amended it so that your username and password is now entered during checkout.

  • Something went wrong. Please try again or choose another payment source.
    Something went wrong. Please try again or choose another payment source.
    Could not validate nonce.

    Something wrong with your Paypal portal?
    Same error with payment via my Amex. Frustrating

    • FINALLY got through. Bought over $100 to get free shipping. Thanks OP

      • Sorry about that, I'd say that was on PayPal's end not ours as we don't process your payments directly.

        Awesome, thank you for the purchase!

  • Yeah same here I ended up getting over a $100 to get the free shipping hoping they taste good :)

    Thanks OP

    • +1

      Really appreciate your business, we'd love to hear your feedback once you get them :)

  • Arrived, tastes great! Thanks. I want to buy a big batch more - but your site is broken.

    Your woocommerce link goes nowhere, and there is no where to put in the credit card details, and no paypal link.


    Have tried (on mac) : Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

    • Awesome! We're glad to hear you love them and that you'd like to buy more.

      Unfortunately we're suffering with PayPal payment gateway issues at the moment and have had to turn that off.

      You should however have regular credit card payments load as normal on the checkout.

      It might just be because you've tried several times it's locking you out from seeing the credit card form for security (spam bot protection).

      Could you please have another go via incognito mode? It all seems to be working fine at our end.

    • I have actually changed the credit/ debit card payment processing gateway tonight as well.

      It is now with Stripe, tested and working perfectly.

      I hope that solves your issue and look forward to serving you again. :)

      • Great, works now, thanks

        • Perfect, thanks again. They will be sent out to you shortly.

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