expired Seagate 3TB External HDD $179 + $9 Delivery @ Centrecom (Pickup Available)


Seagate 3TB external hdd expansion USB 2.0. PICKUP or $9 POSTAGE

From Centrecom

Product Details:
■Colour: Black
■Dimensions(WDH): 116x179x36mm
■Size: Desktop
■Weight: 1.02kg
■Three year warranty

■Plug and play
■Designed to save power

System Requirements:
■System Requirements:
■Available USB port. Mac OS® X Tiger® or Leopard®.
■Windows® Vista®/XP.
■Note: Compatibility may vary depending on user's hardware configuration and operating system.

Package Contents:
■Package Contents:
■External hard drive
■USB cable
■AC adapter
■Quick Install Guide

Mod: Removed OW price match as they are technically different product (brand difference)

Centre Com Online

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  • +1 vote

    Price matching isn't a bargain?
    The $179 from Centre Com itself isn't too bad though.

  • +1 vote

    $179 + ~$9 delivery.


      Just pricematch it and don't mention delivery!

      Works everytime at my local OW.

      Plus it is same price at centrecom stores so I doubt they will include delivery, I picked up one from Clayton today then grabbed a pricematch at OW on the way home.


      3TB Seagate USB 3.0 AU $163.98 Delivered.
      3TB Hitachi USB 2.0 AU $153.56 Delivered


        you have to send drive back to US when it's faulty
        which cost $$$$$$$$ on postage!!!


    how does one price match a seagate 3tb with a WD 3tb?


      One relies on the cashier not paying attention

        • -2 votes

          Let me give you some tips

          It's the same size
          It's the same shape
          It's essentially the same except the pretty cover is different.
          Western digital and seagate are interchangable names :D


          Hmmm. I concede that price matching can result in a bargain. But its stretching things to say that WD and Seagate are the same

        • +3 votes

          might try that at my local BMW dealership….. "come on mate, its the same size as my commodore, same shape, essentially the same except the pretty cover is different".


  • +2 votes

    i believe the seagate is better for those who are ripping the enclosure off and putting them in PCs. WD solders their controller board in place of the SATA connector making it impossible to use as a standalone drive.


      t25 is there anywhere I can confirm these comments?

      I have cracked open the seagate to use internally and was toing to keep the WD external as backup, but was contemplating using it internally also due to usb 2.0?


        This site reviews external hard drives to see which are good for cracking open & which are not;


        Look for the "Popular Posts" menu on the right.

        Also has some how-to videos.


    How can you price match to a different product?

    • +1 vote

      typically…. you cant.

      it would take a very special sales assistant who was willing to match price on a completely different product.


        and maybe get fired :P


        Special or dumb

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