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[PC, Epic] Free - Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse + Paladins Epic Pack DLC @ Epic Games (15/10 - 22/10)


Next week’s freebie/s from Epic games. As usual, available from Friday 1am AEST.

This week’s game - PC Building Simulator.

Next week's game - Among the Sleep (Enhanced Edition)

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    sick I still have my original pc version of stubbs from back in the day, been looking forward to trying the remaster as i remember it being a bit buggy on pc.
    To anyone wondering what it is, its a zombie halo knockoff set in the 60s. fun campaign

    • It's good to eat braaaaains

    • +2

      Zombie Halo?

      • No, it’s a Zombie, Halo knockoff based in the 60’s.

        Sounds just like Halo to me 🙄

  • +3

    Paladins Epic Pack DLC for free to play Paladins - Champions Of The Realm

  • +9

    These next week posts only remind me to get todays deal.

    • Setting reminder does the same for me.

  • +1

    God damn - heck yeah!
    Stubbs the Zombie is a freakin AWESOME game!!
    Can't wait to play it all over again! :D

    • Yeah, the game was pretty cool.

  • +1

    Great soundtrack

  • Love this game and the soundtrack was awesome. Not sure if i already have this on Steam.

  • Stubbs has the best 1950's style rock'n roll soundtrack.

  • +2
  • Dat soundtrack.

    Great game.

  • Cheers!

  • Oh no, I've just gotten back into Paladins so this pack would've been cool to have. Only found out about it with the new week linking back to it since they sneaky added it after Stubbs :( Coming up as A$52.99 for the Paladins pack which is definitely not worth it.

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