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20% off Sitewide + $10 Delivery ($0 with $70 Order) @ Baggy Ape Apparel


Hi OzBargain!

We're helping celebrate the reopening of gyms (particularly for NSW) and to help get people fresh apparel to crush their comeback goals!

Offering from today and over the weekend - 20% off all orders
Here are our prices at retail:
Unbound Tees - $30
Drop Tees - $26
Uprise Shorts - $38
Essential Hoodie - $69
Crew Socks - $11
V1/V2 Cap - $20

Coupon code - GYM20 - Apply on checkout
Free Standard shipping for orders $70+ within Australia.
Free Express shipping for orders $90+ within Australia - This is a special shipping offer so our customers get priority shipping over standard for an extra $20. (normally it's $140 to qualify for free express shipping)

Baggy Ape Apparel is a super fresh brand in this crowded market, been trying to get exposure during the COVID pause on gyms.
Had to make do with myself as the model whilst restrictions were in place, which I can soon finally have some professional photos done!
We've gone with a simple design to kick the brand off.

Have a look through our products and treat yourself whilst this discount is valid.
Customer reviews can be found here: https://baggyape.com.au/reviews

Thanks for taking the time to read and happy shopping!

Baggy Ape Apparel
Our Instagram handle is @baggyape, if you would like to see more content.

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  • Great colours! I think I can rep the unbound shirt colours!

  • Those customer reviews sound fake. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • They're verified reviews if you want to check the product's individual reviews.
      The way the ecommerce platform allows displays a review page does not show the reviews in full, hence we display them in full on a seperate review page.

  • +2

    Ape don't kill ape

  • +1

    Fake ape?

    • Definitely not fake. Just a new business trying to get into the big world. Nothing fake about that.

    • Not at all. I have a restaurant idea for a burger chain. Ima call it Micky Deez. Totally original and unique name

      • gonna set up a tech company called pear

  • Is this like bathing ape but.. not?

  • +1

    I appreciate that you're trying to start a brand but.. This screams Bathing Ape clone, not so much the style but definitely in the name.

    Should've gone with something different to be honest, cause now even Bape would work for a shorten version of your brand.

    • +1

      Appreciate the feedback

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