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[VIC] Oral-B Toothpaste Pure Multi-Protect 100g $1, Mighty Fresh Toothpaste 120g $0.50 @ The Reject Shop (Select Stores)


Ora- B Toothpaste Pure Multi-Protect 100g $1
Made in Germany
Short dated Dec 2021, but it's harmless to use expired toothpaste, just less effective over time
RRP @ Chemist Warehouse is $10 lmao

Also Mighty Fresh Tooth Paste 120g $0.50
Made in India
Expiry 2023

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The Reject Shop

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  • All reject shops?

  • The Eucalyptus Mint tastes pretty good.

  • Dec 2021? Getting a little long in the tooth

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    How do you find a deal like this dude? Do you use some online service.. there is no way anyone is tracking the price of toothpaste. I am curious cos I am tracking a few things by which I mean checking prices daily. How do you know the price of toothpaste is a deal unless you get promo mails from the outlets and share it with the rest of us which is great and thank you for doing that.

    • TRS has Toothpastes always on sale! Like wise Dove soap varieties, other bathing bars, shampoos n all are on sale too. If you want cheap toiletries then TRS is the way to go!

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    so effectiveness decays over time?

  • $1 Oral B isn't nationwide (still $2.50 at my local weirdly), only the 50c generic toothpaste which tbh while I'm an Ozbargainer I value my teeth slightly higher than that xD

    • Neither deals available near me.

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