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Panzer Case & Screen Protector Hygiene Pack for Galaxy S21+/Ultra $10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems cheap? Unsure of quality will pick mine up later this arvo. Free delivery to select areas with $100 order.

Edit: really happy with the quality for $10. Definitely packaged like a premium product, the case fits perfectly, the buttons feel OK and for a minimalist clear case seems to offer decent protection. Haven't used the screen protector yet, as I still have the factory one applied, but it claims to work with the fingerprint sensor.

Rrp: $59.95 according to mobile citi (they sell for $38)

S21 Ultra: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/panzer-case-screen-protec...

The ultimate PanzerGlass™ protection for Samsung Galaxy S21+. This 360⁰ Tech-Hygiene Bundle includes a PanzerGlass™ TPU film screen protector, a tempered glass ClearCase which gives the phone full body protection, and 30ml SPRAY Twice a Day antibacterial screen cleaner. The PanzerGlass™ screen protection works with face recognition and is compatible with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

The screen protector covers the entire surface of the screen while preserving 100% touch sensitivity. All items in the bundle are certified antibacterial.

Key Features

Full frame coverage


Crystal clear

100% touch preservation

360⁰ phone protection

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  • Do either of these suit S21 (not ultra or +)?

    • Looks like the s21 is sold out, listing was removed from jb website

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    Terrible value I think. For a high end phone, please don't cheap out on a good case and screen protector like these. Get yourself a 9H glass screen protector (under $10) and flip case it slim case ($10-$15).

    • Was just the cheapest local stocked case I could find while I wait for delivery on my spigen cases.

      • Just because something is discounted in price doesn't always automatically make it worth buying. This is one of those situations.

    • I mean, if you knew that the galaxy s21 series under-screen finger print sensors don't work well with 'normal' 9H glass screen protectors, you might have different thoughts.
      It's not bad, for $10.

      • Umm we have an S21+ with a 9H tempered glass screen protector and it works flawlessly.

  • Thanks OP - just purchased as a back-up since it's so cheap.
    I got the PanzerGlass spray from this deal:- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642890
    and it's worked well for my specs, old Galaxy S8+, touch-screen laptop and LG OLED TV.
    So I'm happy to try their case and screen protector for $10

    It's a back-up because I've got this Spigen case and Liquid Screen Protector from here:-

    The Spigen case is very high quality, but I find it a bit chunky. So a thinner case could be useful in some circumstances for me. The liquid screen protector is amazing in looks and feel, but I'm not convinced as to how shock protective it is.
    So the PanzerGlass screen protector will be kept in reserve if Spigen's liquid version starts to deteriorate.

    • +1

      You copied what I did😱🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • How was the pack after you purchased? Worth picking up for $10?

  • Just picked it up. Looks and feels good quality.
    The case fits perfectly.
    Very good value for $10
    The box it came in has a price tag on it for $59.95 !!!

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