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Mitchell & Ness Hardwood Classic Jersey - Youth - Grant Hill/Hakeem Olajuwon $38.40 (Was $152) + Shipping $13.94 @ NBA Store


NBA season is upon us and if you're a fan of these old school/retro players (I am!), get these for your kids. Christmas presents sorted for my boys.

Only Grant Hill and Hakeen Olajuwon available. Looks like good availability of youth sizes.

Hakeen Olajuwon

Grant Hill

Tim Duncan for $48 (thx to xeno85!)
Dennis Rodman for $72
Kevin Durant (Seattle Supersonics) for $62.40 (thanks to Ohmatokito)

Go Rockets!

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    This older Rockets jersey design looks the best IMO, not a huge fan of the newer designs for the Rockets.

    • Yeah same here. Though the font for the name on the old road jerseys is a bit strange - like the one linked here!

  • This store doesnt have good reviews.. did anyone have a good experience with them?

    • +1

      I ordered but only today. As far as I can tell it's the official NBA store so I I'm sure it'll be fine.

    • Ordered plenty in the past, never had an issue.

      • Did your order say it was coming from Fanatics?

        • +1

          Fanatics operates the NBAStore in America, Europe, Australia and Japan under license granted by the NBA. Fanatics also operates the NBAStore on Fifth avenue in New York

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    Thanks so much Zohan, I'll never mess with you.

    Great deal, bought both for my son.

    • +3

      Disco disco! You Sir, can have a silky smooth.

  • I bought a Cade Cunningham jersey after draft day #DetroitBaskelball but took about 2 months for the jersey to arrive. Chat support for updates is always unavailable and the shipping confirmation came a month after the order but it does turn up!

    • Oh no. The biggest issue with waiting 2 months is that 50% of players would be traded by then.

      Cade Cunningham, Pistons with the future set up in him! I'm on the Jalen Green bandwagon.

      • Aha the plan is set for now! Jalen may get more shots up but Cade setting up for that Melo ROTY season

    • +1

      Well excuse me sir.
      Im a huge Pistons fan as well!

      Still rocking my Rip Hamilton jersey!

      • I still wipe my bum with bill laimbeers jersey

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe youth XL is between men's S and M?

    • Yeah, can anyone confirm? Little guy here

    • +1

      Even taking the measurements into account, I’ve found in the past that the youth sizes have a few weaknesses - the arm hole openings and much smaller, the shoulders are not sized for an adult and the numbers/letters printed on the jerseys are smaller. It’s very noticeable.

  • +1

    No Otis Thorpe jersey, no deal

    • The Otis Thorpe Cup - Houston vs. Detroit!

    • +1

      Vernon Maxwell or bust.

      • Dude was a physo, he punched someone in the crowd once. Good player though

        Actually the dude in the crowd deserved that punch

  • +2

    Grant Hill drinks sprite??

    • +2

      Grant Hill drinks Sprite… rubs chin thoughtfully

      • +3

        If you want to make it to the NBA, practice.

        • What if I want a refreshing drink?

          • +1

            @ShortyX: Sure, I could tell you to drink a refreshing Sprite. But I won't.

        • What are we talking about

  • Website says add code “15baller” to get additional 15% off now

    • +1

      Tried this, didn't work on sale items unfortunately.

  • Trying to grapple with the concept of Grant Hill being old school, when his rookie season honours is the thing I remember most about him

    • Yeah man, Grant Hill rookie days pretty recent I reckon! He did really well to play for so long after those serious injuries early days.

  • +1

    God damn it, OP, you got me so excited to be tragically let down.
    Saw a cheap Dream jersey and was ready to hit purchase…. then i saw the "youth" part.
    Absolutely crushed. haha

    God damn, why's it have to be so hard to find discount Rockets gear for cheap?
    I swear, every site that has cheap NBA stuff either doesn't have rockets, or only has youth.

    • +1

      Rockets fans represent!

      I got a Toronto Raptors legend Hakeem Olajuwon jersey from his brief Houston days for $5 at a market. Mitchell & Ness one too.

      • +1

        God damn, that's a nice fan.
        I've been a Houston fan since i was a kid - Watching the dream was always incredible. Got one of his Jersey cards sitting under my computer monitor. Absolute machine on a player.

        Here's hoping our new talent develop well - we have some exciting prospects, that's for sure. The just have to keep their heads in the game and not on the fame.

        • Yeah same. I was tall when younger and loved the way he played. Everyone caught up to me though.

          I love my Hakeem and McGrady jerseys. Also got Harden & Westbrook, which I'm still glad I have for the long term! Love my boys are now fans too.

          Yeah love our young guys, we've done awesome work to grab so much talent so quickly. Here's hoping for some fun this year!

          • +1

            @TheZohan: Rockets fan club right here! The dream got me into the Rockets when everybody else was watching Jordan.

            Getting a couple for my girls thanks!

  • Can anyone figure out the SIZES??

  • Hakeem "the dream" Olajuwon

  • +1

    I'm very tempted order a Giddey jersey!

  • +2

    For those who like another team from Texas, the San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan youth jerseys is on sale too! https://www.nbastore.com.au/en/san-antonio-spurs/san-antonio...

    • +1

      Nice! I'll add it to the description.

  • What about Dennis Rodman?

  • +2

    Kd seatle is 65

  • +1

    Tempted to get this but by the time my child is old enough to wear it, they won't even know who these players are :(

  • Any in mens sizing?

  • Hakeem the Dream! I was all in during the basketball card craze in the 90s lol

  • Anyone been able to purchase? I tried PayPal and my credit card. Order got cancelled or rejected after confirmation. Pricing error?

    • I ordered 2, worked fine.

    • yeah same did paypal checkout only got a paypal holding email notification

      • Mine was rejected too though PayPal.

  • Did you people check the prices, especially if it's run by Fanatics.
    I can spend hours ranting about how they blacklisted my account without telling me and spent hours trying to get it unbanned

    Jayson Tatum jersey. Listed as $100.
    Selecting a Size (M), the price jumps up to $110
    You add it to the basket, and it's now showing $155 in the basket

    Just [email protected]#^&[email protected]#^@!&#

    This happens with other jerseys that I've tried.

  • +1

    Reminds me of all those times playing NBA Jam picking the Rockets with Olajuwon.

    "From downtown!"

  • Man this website dodgy. Saying sales with a count clock that never ends. Lol. I still cant order damn jersey

  • +1

    i got mine very happy, prices have all gone back up

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