Where Did The "LCD Monitors" Subfolder Go?

As in when you click into "computing" … just last night there use to be a subfolder called "LCD Monitors" where all the monitor deals would go.

Am I blind or can someone advise where it went?



  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/tag/monitor

    Change monitor to whatever you want.

    • Sorry I mean it use to be in the standard bar (as per the pic) .. without typing anything in

      • Those 'product category' links at the top are actually dynamic, meaning they will change occassionally. Whether a specific product category will display or it's order of appearance is determined by how popular that category is based on recent deal posts.

        • +1

          Oh ok … i'm not a true "ozbargainer" as I have obviously have not monitored (pun not intended) an item long enough :P

          Thanks for letting me know though.

  • Direct link to LCD Monitor tag.

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