Dentist Cost for Filling $399 - Too Much?

Hi OzBargain community

I’m in WA and had to get a filling replaced yesterday. Haven’t had a filling done for years and was shocked at the price.
The dentist said it was a large filling and the cost was $399. Just wondering what other have paid for a filling and if $399 is about right.

To be clear I’m not complaining, just curious if this is the going rate for a filling these days.



  • What the ADI codes on the quote the dentist gave ya? I can go ask my dentist for price matching.

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      Tooth #25

      013 - $54
      022 - $45
      534 - $259
      577 - $41


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        $259 must be for the filling, this sounds reasonable for a large filling to me.
        The other numbers probably cover the examination and x-ray?

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        534 is an adhesive restoration process with 4 surfaces. One of the more expensive codes.

        Pretty ok ish price see this schedule

        Only question would be was it really 4 surfaces?

        • Hard to know, but was a big filling so most likely 4 surfaces.

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    From memory it costed me $800 to fill in my upper molar. Paid $250 with insurance.
    Edit: $800 also included X-Rays.

    • Cheers will have a look into it

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    One of the kids got a filling last week, it was $150.
    No special discounts or anything.
    Was just the filling cost, as the week earlier she has a check up, x-ray and clean but they were out of time to do the filling.

  • Just did one this week for $220, for a "large" filling on a premolar. Did you take any X-rays that may be been added to the cost?
    I went to do a full check up and it costed me $520 all up. $180 for clean, $120 for 3 X-rays and $220 for filling.

    • Yes took an X-ray and limited check up.
      Price I paid seems about right comparing to others on here.

      Can see why so many people put off going to the dentist due to high cost.

  • What the dentist nowadays do is charge you based on interfaces or sides. One side is cheaper than 3. I have paid 500 for a filling because apparently dentists have to do

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