Love to Dream Newsletter Sign-Up Discount

On their website they offer a 10% discount code if you sign up for their newsletter.

Tried one email (a gmail address) yesterday using Firefox on a desktop and received nothing. Tried another email (non-gmail) this morning using Chrome on my phone's internet and again got nothing.

Never signed up to their newsletter before or bought anything from them.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

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  • No sorry.

  • I've just seen this!! We've used Love to Dream the whole way through with our kid, some kids love them, some hate them… Did the wing man suits, to transition and now in the sleeping bags.

    Keep your eye out on The Iconic rather than Love to Dream directly. I've bought from them directly in the past, but only when things were a new product or not widely available, didn't have any issues. Put them in your Wishlist on the Iconic and they'll email you if they go on sale. A couple of weeks ago I got a 1.0 TOG toddler sleep bag from the Iconic for $36 instead of $60 (I think that's 40% off) and then Cashback on top of that. Best you usually see from LTD directly or Baby Bunting is 10-15%, occasionally DJ's have a very limited and changing range go for up to 30% off.

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