Dash Cam Recommendations

Looking for a good value reliable dash cam. Only a front one as I'm too lazy to wire the back. I've tried some cheapo Kogan ones and they are just no good.

Thanks in advance!


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    viofo a119v3

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      Viofo A119 Plus version, to be more specific.

      Base and Pro models apparently overheats in Australia. Plus version has an extra chip in the rear camera, so less heat. And 4K-30fps is less useful than 1440p-60fps, due to motion blur on number plates on moving vehicles. Also it helps for low-light/night shot for the longer exposure time. Base model is good, but not worth paying less for, to get 1080p-60fps. And not worth paying less for to not-get the second/rear camera.

      Any day now, Viofo will introduce a new upgrade model with a better chip, or better camera, or both… so that we get options for 4K-1440p-1080p, and 30fps-60fps-120fps. Until then, the Viofo A119 Plus (dual camera).

      • Thanks, that's helpful

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    +1 for Viofo

    Whatever brand you do buy go for dash cams with capacitors not batteries for much longer life.

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    Get a rear dashcam. You will regret not getting front + back + parking mode. Blackvue 750 and Viofo both good choices.

    • How difficult is it to wire a back cam? Or do I need a professional/mechanic to do it?

      • Depends on a number of factors. Watch some YouTube videos.

    • Easier than the front! You just need to run the wires through the trims, very easy.

    • @nubzy
      is parking mode the same as a reverse camera?

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    viofo a119 v3

  • Did you just want a very basic one? If so,
    Rexing V1 Basic - $87.47

    70mai pro plus A500S - $105 - has a lot of additional features including wifi app, GPS tracking etc.

    If got a bit more budget Viofo make excellent dash cams.

  • i heard 70mai or 1s … last very long , many here said still working after 3yrs , despite got battery , not capacitor

    but no good deals for long time …. last time always got $40+ deal

  • Get Viofo. You want a capacitor battery for our hot summer sun.

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    Viofo it is! Thanks everyone, will keep an eye out for deals on OzB

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      and black plastic scratch


  • Tag along question - I have a tinted rear windowscreen - any recommendations for it? I find it blurry to look through to begin with, so might not be worthwhile to chuck a camera there?

    • Shouldn't be blurry unless its old tint, my wagon is 18% tint, video is fine.

      • It's a 2007 model so I imagine it's an old tint - trying to think if it can be removed as I value clear vision over tinted windows lol

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          Any tint shop will remove old film

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