Christmas Advent Calendar Book Boxes - 24 Individually Wrapped Books $150 Delivered @ The Book Grocer


Hi everyone,

We've put together our first ever Advent Book Boxes this year and I wanted to share this with you before they all sell out!

We have three categories: fiction, non-fiction and children’s with 24 individually wrapped boxes to open each day in December. It’s a great gift idea as the hard work is already done for you (or could even be a fun present to yourself!).

I am affiliated with the Book Grocer, so if you have any questions let me know :)


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    Is there a list of books included? usually for advent calendars there’s a spoiler list.

    • Hi Chakel, while we don't have a 'spoiler list', we've mentioned which categories may be included for each box on our website. Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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    The idea is good, but skeptical that many people will get much out of random books, especially as these are probably ones that never sold well.

    Why not spend $50 at a local op shop selecting books the recipient might like and wrap those instead. Support a good cause and redonate those that are not wanted.

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    Some books may have a remainder mark on them (this is a small texta mark).

    If we spend $150, we get random books, with no guarantee of liking the books we get and some/ many books will have a texta mark on them (because they didn't sell)

    Certainly not looking very bargainy OP

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    Definitely hoping for a spoiler list - most concerned about a risk of double ups.

    Kids collection might be alright tho but not for myself.

    • Hi BakaHaze, we've mentioned which categories may be included for each box on our website. Double-ups also aren't an issue if you'd be purchasing multiple boxes! If you'd like to more about this just let me know :)

  • Quick before it sells out!

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    Gosh people are so sassy on OzB sometimes (above comments). It's $6.25 per book, this IS a bargain if you are a physical book reader/buyer. Plus it's fun to get mystery books - hours and hours of entertainment. Seems like much better value than a craft beer advent calendars everyone loses their minds over each Chrissy that are mega exxy and last 5 mins each drink.

    In conclusion - different interests/hobbies are okay. Rant complete ;)

    • Thanks, Oz-Griff! While it's not for everyone, it definitely is a bargain (with wrapping included!)

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