Free Cosmetic Items for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania with Newsletter Sign up (Switch/Steam/PS4/PS5/XB1/XSX)


Another user mentioned this on reddit, thought it worth sharing for those that picked the game up.

If you sign up to the Super Monkey Ball newsletter you get sent a DLC code for the platform of your choice, unlocks 3x yellow coloured hats to dress up your character with. A couple of caps and a top hat.

Should be noted that if you're not keen on signing up your not missing heaps, same cosmetics are available in game normally just different colours and designs. Unless yellow is your favourite colour I guess. Yellow top hat is pretty dapper to be fair.

I signed up last night, got a confirmation email a few hours later letting me know I'd receive my code in the next 10 business days, but got it emailed through this morning sometime.

Unsure of when the promotion finishes.


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  • Thanks for sharing. Signed up and waiting for the code now.

  • Thank you!

  • -1

    I got a code, but where do I redeem it?

    • +1

      In the PSN Store on the console, or on the PlayStation App if you have it installed on your phone.

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