Buying a House with Whole Backyard Covered (Patio). Pros and Cons

Hi, very close to put in an offer for a house with a beautiful backyard with pool, sitting area with gas fire etc. The whole backyard is covered under a nice patio structure which looks really nice. The side of the house does not have a patio.

What are the pros and cons?

My main concern is natural light.

The main positive thing is that area can be used all year around.


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    Some councils have rules around the percentage of a block that can be covered - check that the structure is approved by council or you could be forced to remove it at some point.

    • Will do. Thanks

    • existing ones are usually grandfathered, with new yeah there is a requirement for a percentage of green space

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    The other issue is do you want to grow plants. If you want to grow herbs, veggies etc you need direct sun? Could you use the side area to do that.

  • Medicinal marijuana???

    • Nah. I promise I’m only growing tomatoes, officer.

      • Magic tomatoes :-)

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          Apparently, from what I’ve heard, tomato plants are a good way to camouflage dope plants.

          I thought this was hilarious

          I would be asking how the members of the public identified the plants.

          • @try2bhelpful: Basil is also good. Allegedly.

            • @dust: The leaves of the dope plant looks a lot like tomatoes, apparently.

              You just normally grow basil with tomatoes so you have caprese salad on tap. I can, totally, addicted to Caprese in Italy. OMG; the tomatoes, basil, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto were to die for.

      • Ha ha - a friend was working as a cleaner at a police station many, many years ago and commented one day that she'd been watering the tomato plants on the upstairs verandah. She was shocked by the laughter… the 'tomato' plants had been collected in a raid and were meant to be evidence…

        • Evidence, huh? Not sure why they would need to keep them alive as evidence. But it does remind me of a line from Marijuana Australiana from the Bushwackers Band

          "Now the drug squad usually have the best they pinch it from the people they bust
          And they’ll sell you some for a nice old profit if you can find one you can trust"

    • Or if you're in ACT you're good for 2 plants.

  • Just kidding. Done that in my old house. Just want to relax after work :-)

    Can buy all the veggies, herbs at the local farmers market ha ha ha

    • With lockdown I’ve started growing herbs on my balcony. It is brilliant I can just pick the herbs I want, fresh, when I want them.

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    I live in Perth - what is a lockdown???

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      Frankly I think Perth has done the right thing.

    • Democratic republic of western ……….

      • And their internal economy has been open, almost, the entire time and it doing very well.

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          you miss spelt "internal economy" with "the mining economy has once again saved WA"

          • @MrThing: Not really. Almost the entire time their retail, restaurants, services industries, etc have been open to their own people.

    • God Bless Marky

  • Have fun with the house decision.

  • There's no grass for earthing?

  • It depends on the orientation. Where is the north side facing part of the property?

  • What a concept. Is there any lawn?

  • place to dry clothes?
    do you have kids that like green space? pets? consideration in the future?

  • Depends on which direction the backyard faces.

    Must read comments directly above before posting, hardlyworkin.

  • FIrst i'd make sure the patio is on the approved plans,
    Some patios (i think if the works are >10m2 in some areas) need council approval, if the council pull you up you may need to apply for retrospective or demolish the whole thing, especially if it results in a greater proportion of your block being covered (for drainage purposes).

  • Make sure that there is adequate ventilation otherwise you could end up with a dampness problem.