Cheap Golf Umbrella Pack

Anyone know any good deals on large golf size Umbrellas. I’ve been holding out a year now for the cheap Woodworm 3 packs but it looks like those days are long over.


  • Bunnings ones are decent.. if you don't mind being a walking advertising

  • Bunnings

  • Bunnings

  • Costco have some for $40, I think set of two, big and smaller.

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      You spelt Bunnings wrong

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        Bunnings has a single umbrella for 20, so you can get a set of two, big and big for $40


  • I've picked a couple up from Aldi when they have them in for ~$10, happy enough with them. Slightly different with every specials batch, as is the Aldi way, but bother times they've worked out okay for me.

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    These Woodworm umbrellas are great. I've had mine for years and they're still going strong.

    • I loved the days of getting the Woodworm three-pack on Ozbargain.
      I still have a couple, but I wouldn't say they are still going strong.

  • Bunnings

  • Thanks folks Bunnings it is.