$350 Trade-in Bonus + $250/$300 off RRP + Trade-in Value When You Buy a Galaxy S21 Series Mobile @ Samsung


Get $650 off RRP plus trade in value to purchase Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G
$600 off RRP plus trade in value for Galaxy S21 5G
$50 Email Subscription Voucher
+$100 Loyalty Voucher.

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  • Can u trade in other brands?

  • Does it come down to same price compared to last month's?

    • No, Last month it was $500 trade-in bonus compared to $350 this month.

    • +2

      For S21 base model, it's $100 more expensive. Last month was $500 bonus + $200 discount in RRP (total $700 off), this one $350 bonus but $250 discount in RRP (total $600 off) before any code

  • Dammit I didnt know about loyalty voucher
    Picked one up on Tuesday.
    999 - 350 - 50 - Ipad trade in

    Not sure if I want to send the ipad pro gen 1 256gb cellular in for $285… might just keep it. I think I can keep the other discounts

  • How do we get $100 loyalty bonus?

  • -2

    There's no trade in bonus for the S21 - just a discount on RRP.

    • -1

      Not sure why someone negged the comment. There's no bonus $300 showing up when I add a trade in code to any S21 phone.

      It's only a bonus $350 for the S21+ and S21 Ultra.

  • +1

    Be aware in the last deal some of us had to wait a month to get our devices and others had orders lost and refunded

    • +1

      yep still waiting for my order from 3 weeks ago…

      • Ordered mine on Tuesday. Got an SMS saying it will arrive today.

        Thats pretty fast… im not holding my breath it will arrive this week but 3 weeks sounds over the top

        • +1

          yeah its been frustrating, contacted support 4-5 times and each was as useless as the next. seems to be luck of the draw!

          • @rj-in123: Post sales support were not helpful on the phone for me either.
            But I ordered yesterday morning and my s21 arrived today. It seems they get more stock early this week though

  • Finally, I received all my codes but the $500 trade bonus deal expired

  • Is it me or anyone else getting errors when inputting trade-in ID. Its been for weeks now

    "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment"

    • Yeah I k have been getting the same for like 2 weeks now

    • I think that happens when you haven't entered your credit card details into the trade up app.

    • Yes you have to actually put your credit card details in and attempt a trade in. You can’t just simulate it.

  • +1

    Doesn't stack with EDS code like last deal. Just got my code a few days ago but too late and no luck now.

    • It stacks with eds codes

      • Yeah managed to get a new code. Got the s21 128gb down to $500 when taking out the trade in amount.

    • Cant get all the codes to stack and apply the discounts to S21 Ultra. If use CDS, then when use EDS and ODS the discount doesn't increase. It just adds the code. The only extra code that works then is the $50. ended up paying 954. had 95 trade in. so will sell on gumtree etc hopefully for 300. If only the ODS and EDS stacked would have had an extra $200 off. Think they stopped it when they discounted the handset by $300 off the RRP. At full RRP Im sure the EDS stacked.

  • Off rrp…

  • +1

    Need ODS code. can swap it with EDS.

    • Won't work as above. I tried all combinations and the best you will get is $150 (EDS and sign up). The ods will register but won't change amount.

  • Has anyone figured out a way to get the Trade-in Bonus when your phone isn't eligible to trade in?

    I have tried the Samsung chatbot and a bunch of combinations but no luck so far.

    Edit: For those wanting to know how to get the loyalty voucher

    Please send the following to [email protected] to request a voucher:
    Subject title: Loyalty Voucher Request
    Name and Contact number
    Model and Serial number
    Proof of purchase
    The photo/s should show the front and back of the device with IMEI
    Our support team will get back to you within 2-3 business days.

    • +1

      I just akse a via chat and got one in 5mins. But was on my second try. First guy didn't want to listen.

  • How do you get a ESD code?
    I have managed to get the voucher, CDS and ODS. No luck on the ESD.

  • How do you get a EDS code?
    I have managed to get the voucher, CDS and ODS. No luck on the EDS.

    • Chat on main page. Just say you got an old s10 and want to upgrade.

      But all won't work this time.

  • Does anyone know if we don't send the trade-in mobile, will they cancel the $350 bonus? I know they'll charge the device trade-in value but what about the bonus? Ta

    • +1

      You only get charged the value stated for your trade in - you dont need to repay the $350 bonus
      ie - last month in this deal I purchased an s21 ultra and Asurion has taken out $20 (my trade in value) from my account - as I didnt send back my trade in phone - but they didnt charge me the $500 bonus

  • Is this working for anyone? I have tried a few times but nothing.

    This deal doesn't seem to be taking off like last months? Haha